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Candida Summit

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ataxic Trevor 1 fixed with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ FOUR PARTS

I like making cartoons and graphics, so I use those sometimes to get a point across, or just for plain fun.   There are ALOT of online image editing sites, plus apps on different sites to accomplish this.

This is about what we are learning and have learned, and mainly to help each other, plus family members and/or other loved ones (if they desire it).  The goals are to save money on traveling expenses, other practitioners, and get our bodies fixed and straightened out in the privacy of our own home and environment.  Enjoy the information and videos too.

Jesse Jutkowitz. is teaching a seminar here in the videos below, so he does the full protocol on this guy, save the EndoNasal Cranial Correction and the one (John) he is teaching at the moment does the full protocol, including the endonasal cranial (same type endonasal balloon therapy as NCR).  It's called EndoNasal Cranial Correct (ECC), because obviously, the name NCR aka Neurocranial Restructing is copyrighted and belongs to Dr. Dean Howell.  He (Jesse Jutkowitz) mentions that it IS important to do the EndoNasal as part of the training and FULL ABC treatment and protocol.  We will definitely take the EndoNasal training when the time comes.  However, our current training is taught by Dr. Dirk Farrell, DC in Seattle, and Jesse is the only one that teaches the ABC EndoNasal Cranial Correction.  We will have to travel much farther to take the ECC, where Jesse himself will be teaching it. We can take as many live seminars and training as it takes to totally get it, if we have to.

The facial and head results/changes are the same as NCR, I might add, except with NCR, you get a full massage before the endonasal balloon, and with ABC, you get the full ABC meningeal release/s & spinal protocol in the proper order, and then the endonasal balloon, and then re-check for any anterior vertebrae that moved during the endo nasal balloon therapy.  It is stressed at how important one's work must be checked and re-checked.

Okay, now to the videos...

This gentleman's body and skull is definitely locked up.  THAT will be clearly seen in all the videos, and the skull especially in the 4th part video.  You will clearly see all of that by watching the videos in sequence.  In each, you will see the improvements, and then, after some things, you have to go back, re-check and do other things.  It's like peeling layers off an onion, and then the spine will unwind, and during the unwinding, things can tend to be a little unpleasant, especially when one is in the forward position during the unwinding process.

So there are FOUR videos here.  It's not as clear and concise as the home core curriculum course.
Also WHERE the bottom of the feet are being done with the adjustment instrument, is important, and is explained in the home course as to precisely where to put it and the angle of the adjustment instrument.

On this one (Part 4), Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, DC mentions the ABC™ EndoNasal Cranial Correction™ (ECC™), and mentions Dr. Dean Howell's website, and he says right here that he took the NCR course from Dr. Dean Howell and the he (Jesse) taught Dr. Dean Howell, ND the testing, just as Dr. Ben Eversage told me he did.  So these two wonder guys taught and helped each other out.  Since I've had NCR from Dr. Hillary Lampers, ND, I can tell you the testing they both do are the same.  We were told that we will have to go to CA for EndoNasal Cranial Correction training from Jesse. We will take that and the full ABC seminar again, because as I said, gonna do them as many times it takes so it will be done right.

Ataxic Trevor 1 fixed with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ 4 of 4


I would suggest any and every bodyworker, energy worker, ROLFer, massage therapists, and even lay people who desire to help their families learn these things.  Jesse Jutkowitz will teach anyone this, although it is mostly chiropractors that take the courses.  The more people who learn these structure straightening therapies will help more people than you can imagine.  Dean Howell has begun to teach non-naturopaths the NCR, as he did with Plato Rosinke (Plato Powers) (from NYC) and Ian Hedley (from the UK).

So many people are damaged by accidents, malnutrition, vaccines, heavy metals, environmental toxins, fluoride, GMOs, aspartame, fluoride, chemtrails, biologicals, pathogens, and you name it. We can all detox, do colon cleanses, liver/gallbladder flushes, raw foods, superfoods, eat the correct diets (organic/whole foods/superfoods), clay baths, and heavy metal removal, but to be at FULL functionality, we MUST fix our faulty bio-mechanics/structures (head AND spine).   Why operate at 75%, when you can get to near 100%?.

Get thee hence to the Meningeal Release website and order the free DVD which shows the 1st Rib Maneuver and partial protocol being done. . And while visiting the ABC website, check out the before and after postures of the people on there. HUGE flippin' difference, eh?

And as you guessed it, we took the ABC Basic Seminar and Home Course (ABC™ Core Curriculum).  As I previously said, this is so we can help each other, and any of our family members (and friends, if they so desire).  It will save us money in the long run, as it costs to drive 1 and a half hour for ABC, and 7 hours to get NCR.  My local ABC chiropractor does not do the EndoNasal Cranial, so I have to travel farther to get the NCR version of cranial correction.  My head and face has already had big changes from NCR alone.  My face and profile are TOTALLY different now.

Wanna see?  Sure you do!  Excuse the no makeup in the second one, but it was night and close to bedtime.  That second picture was during my THIRD NCR session in November of 2012.  I know they're not pretty or glamour shots, so please forgive.  lol

From left to right.  1st pic on left was in 2010 (No NCR nor ABC), and the collapsed palate/maxilla (mouth area is clearly collapsed sunken in).  The 2nd pic was during the 3rd NCR session of November of 2012.  There was already great changes, as my mouth isn't sunk in anymore (collapsed palate/maxilla).  The last two pics, obviously made the same day, was made after 6 NCR sessions, but I had already started having ABC (Advanced Biostructural Correction done too.  Although my ABC chiropractor, doesn't do the EndoNasal Cranial Correction, it does all work together and it still helped the NCR out and visa versa.  The chin depth (neck to chin is out more, due to the maxilla/palate being moved forward even more with continued NCR.  A sharper jawline!  
Plus I no longer have that fugly retruded chin look. The changes in facial aesthetics are quite OBVIOUS and MUCH better!  I'm very happy and pleased with it.
The chiropractor doc training us in ABC DOES do EndoNasal Cranial Correction for his clients, but he does not teach it.  Only Jesse Jutkowitz will teach the ABC EndoNasal.  So we will have to travel and take another FULL training with Jesse himself, so that we can have that training and skill learned.  I plan to take several Basic Seminars until I can do the FULL protocol with great confidence!  The training isn't as expensive, as going to a 4-year school or college, and of course, not as long, but is a full usable skill that will benefit many people in the years to come.  YES!  We will continue to spread the word about all healing modalities.

I'm not the only one!  
This is Ben's profile before and after I don't know how many NCR inflations, but it's way more than me.

Sometime in 2013, I found out about ABC from Ben Eversage and added it to my structure protocol.

Thank you Ben Eversage for your links on your website and for telling me about ABC!  (Ben is an ABC chiropractor in addition to doing NCR, which he was trained under both Drs Dean Howell (NCR) and Jesse Jutkowitz (ABC).)

The main reason I started doing all of this is to rid of a damn headache (occipital neuralgia) that just wasn't going away with regular chiropractic, simply because the adjustments were only treating compensations, which is why things just kept going right back out.  By NCR definition, I have what is called a tilted occiput. Meningeal Adhesions, meningeal compression and enroachment, is what kept pulling the Atlas out, and no doubt pulling on that occiput too.  I did AtlasProfilax and it worked so well for a long time, but still didn't hold. That did help me lose weight as it did free up some things, but was not enough. One must fix (correct) the Primary Biomechanical Pathologies (the root of the problem/s, as I call it), and do the meningeal releases, and correct only the anterior vertebrae, which the body cannot self correct.  When those are corrected, the compensations that had resulted will correct themselves as the unwinding process begins.


John Dudley said...

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MessiahMews said...

I had several NCR sessions, so I don't need a face-lift. Check out the next post. I do not need a face lift. NCR put the tent poles up, so to speak, so I have the bone structure underneath to keep everything in its place. Plus I do facial exercises. The exercises help with the SMAS area. BioCell Type II collagen will help too. Get it in a product called Jusuru.

However, when the time comes, I would love to have pro-fractional CO2 laser. There's someone close by that has a SmartSkin laser by Cyanosure, so I will probably go with that one.

I would love to have an Accent V-Shape on my lower part, as the buccal fat makes my lower cheeks and jaws look kind of chimpunky.