Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Monday, June 2, 2014

Introduction to Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)™

If'n I had my way, this guy would get an Academy Award for his thorough explanation of Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC).  The meningeal adhesions he speaks about are the reason for meningeal releases.  And his explanation of the anterior vertebrae going forward, which the body cannot self correct.  The meningeal releases are important, thus making the anterior vertebrae go back in place with ease.  Adjusting only the compensations, which all other chiros have done, is the REASON, why they kept going back out.  Thus the proper way is to adjust ONLY the ones (anteriors), which the body cannot self correct, and then as the spine unwinds, the compensations will self correct.  I feel the very same thing and unwinding on myself, as I get the ABC adjustments.

More later...

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