Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] The lawful notice regarding vaccinations


Tuesday night (6-24-14) Ingri and I discussed the Vaccination Notice and the reason for each item on it. Our discussion was recorded and is available for free at this link  This recording should answer many questions regarding this lawful notice.

To further explain the purpose of a notice, we prepared one for a friend regarding a municipal action that would require he apply and pay for a new permit and consent to an inspection of his property. The notice process {to include a sample 'city corporation notice') is further explained in this article. Time for People to Learn a Little Chess

From Judge Dale, retired
The Great American Adventure
Page 105
"All of this deception is compounded by the refusal of ordinary Americans to realize, know or understand that it is this secrecy and duplicity of privately owned corporations, being surreptitiously portrayed as American agencies and government . . . that have come together to fleece [and control] the American people . . ."

Do not expect attorneys to support the legal notice strategy, because it 1) cuts them out of the process 2) exposes the corporate nature and lack of authority of the so-called government 3) cites the Clearfield Doctrine requiring a signed contract prior to enforcement.
The more people understand what our government really is, the fewer will hire attorneys. Attorneys are actually trained to implement this parasitic system upon the unsuspecting public. That is where their 'expertise' lies, as attorneys Judge Dale, Melvin Stamper and Karen Hudes have revealed. On June 14 Ingri and I discussed the BAR and their many cover-ups on our RBN program, In Defense of Humanity.

If you wish to purchase the Great American Adventure as a book, they are available for the cost of printing and mailing at Arc Copy
AL Whitney
Franklin County Ohio
People for Safe Technologies


Vaccination Notice (.doc)
Vaccination Notice (.pdf) w/instructions (Actual notice on the last page)

EPISODE 1 - Introduction to call series (.mp3) Right Click, Save As
EPISODE 2 - The Legal Process - the Vaccination Notice (.mp3) Right Click, Save As

It's also available on the above site for downloading as well.

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