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Friday, June 27, 2014

Web and Internet Annoyances...

I'm very glad to see I'm not the only one who gets frustrated and pissed off at all the excessive javascript on websites these days.

I'm talking about those java popups that obscure and grey out an entire webpage.  Some have a convenient close or x button, and there are some that do not.

And those popups to invite people to "LIKE" their page on Facebook or whatever social network.

I'm getting to the point where I hate the internet.


Am I the only one getting frustrated by the ridiculous overuse of Javascript in web pages these days? 
I wanted to check the temperature in my local area. So I browse to the website of my local television news station. The website loads slowly. It's like watching paint dry. It's reminiscent of being on dial-up. So I check the source and count over 30 javascript files being included. 
What happened to usability? What happened to the emphasis on speed and not making users wait over 15 seconds to view a web page? 
What kind of developer thinks it is a good idea to have that many javascript files included in a web page? The number of Javascript files I counted was 32 including analytics scripts. I can't imagine how long it would take to do all that on a slow connection.

No dude, you're not.  I personally think webmasters are ego trippin' on this unnecessary shit.

Here are some more comments on this webpage about it.  Some are pro-javascript and some are definitely ANTI-javascript.

Javascript annoys me when it is required for the site to function, especially for things that should not depend on it (like opening a link). Basically your site should work perfectly with Javascript disabled - the Javascript should just make it nicer to use. 
Say I have javascript disabled (for whatever reason - security, paranoia, CPU usage, ad-blocking etc), I should still be view that picture, albeit not with a fancy Lightbox effect, or submit a form, again albeit without dynamic in-line error reporting)
There's nothing "wrong" with Javascript, it just shouldn't be obnoxious, or mandatory. 
Javascript is a major attack vector for drive-by downloads. 
Many browser vulnerabilites can only be attacked through javaScript, and about half the security alerts issued about browsers read "while we're working on a patch to this vulnerability, you can protect yourself against it by disabling scripting".
On what machines do you think those spam bots are running? Nowadays, most of them fell victim to a drive-by download on some website that used Javascript to attack a browser vulnerability, and in many cases the malicious code got into that website through an XSS attack. A study conducted by Google last year found 10% of all websites they surveyed to contain such attacks! 
So yes, Javascript (Flash too, btw) is very much the problem, not the solution, and it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Eventually it will be too big to tolerate; you better be prepared to find a way to make your website work without Javascript when every single Joe User out there has (or closely knows someone who has) had their ebay acount, paypal account or even bank account broken into, and is told they could have avoided it by deactivating Javascript in their browser. 
Of course, this is a worst-case scenario, and maybe browser developers will manage to get their act together, or some sort of sandboxing technology for Javascript engines (or the browsers themselves) becomes prevalent, though that would still do nothing to counter XSS. 
But saying that Javascript is not a problem right now betrays appaling ignorance in someone who develops web apps professionally. 
you all miss one important thing. With client-side scripting, MY BROWSER is where all the stuff is executed. And if I allow this to happen, I thereby give YOU, the damn site developer, nearly full control over my browser. I can even agree with some people here who says JavaScript as such (as a programming language) is not bad, the bad thing is the idea of client-side scripting. 
JavaScript being executed within the client's browser is malicious and dangerous by design. Many people continue to say that -- well -- JS virtual machines are buggy, yes, and security holes are found, one by one, in these machines, but the problem is not with the client side scripting, only with implementations of these virtual machines, and one day we implement a secure JS VM, and everything will be fine. That's LIE. Just one thing: the CPU time needed to render a page. Without Turing-complete code on the page, the time is just a (almost linear) function of the HTML length. But once we get the Turing-complete code and allow it to execute, the rendering time is not only no longer a function of anything, it is UNPREDICTABLE (hell, mathematically proven to be unpredictable). 
These web developers who use JS (actually, nearly all existing web developers, which is sad) force us, their users, to trust them so fanatically so we don't mind to give them full control on our browsers. Hey, may be you also need a key of my house?

So webmasters, businesses, product salespeople,etc...  LISTEN UP!

WE HATE THIS SHIT!   STOP IT!  Listen to your readers/clients/customers or lose them forever!

So I have to be bothered to install extensions on Firefox and Chrome such as YesScript, noscript and whatever script blocker needed to get rid of these friggin' annoyances, just so I can browse the internet in peace.

There's also boycotting sites too.

I guess I'll be the anti-javascript bitch?


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