Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dr Russell Blaylock - What Chemtrails do to the Brain

Aluminum in vaccines and in chemtrails

Brilliant discussion of chemtrails and aluminum laden vaccines by Dr Russell Blaylock. He also offers nutritional ways to minimize the detrimental impact of the nano-particles of aluminum we are all now breathing.

Get thee hence to these sites and get the LL's Magnetic Clays; Aluminum Detox Clay Bath Kit and also the Environmental Clay Bath Kit.

"GMO foods, alumina in vaccines, fluoride in water, barium/lithium/nano-MEMs in the to keep detoxing as much as possible, use plants that reduce inflammatory response, NO white sugar or aspartame, eat coconut oil daily...pray :) then DO something to grow awareness or force a change...One person CAN make a difference (with Truth on their side!)"  ~D BrightDay

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