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Monday, August 11, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] Ebola and Vitamin C

Some folks are suggesting colloidal silver as a defense against ebola. Others have concluded that colloidal silver only works against bacterial infections. Apparently ebola depletes Vitamin C stores.

Again, vaccines will do more harm than good
Linus Pauling concluded: "(I)t is known that immunization and inoculation lead to the destruction of vitamin C."
Here is more info on the topic from a forwarded email:

I finally got the four pages about Ebola in Dr. Levy's book read, and thought I'd pass the information along.  This is on pages 105-108, in chapter two under subtitle "Ebola Virus (Curable-?, Reversible-?, Preventable-?)," in the book "Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins" by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.

The front cover of the book says, "With over 1,200 scientific references."

On page 105:

"...Ebola is probably the best known of a class of viruses known as hemorrhagic fever viruses....yellow fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, (and many more)....The clinical presentation of these diseases is similar to scurvy, which is also characterized by capillary fragility and a tendency to bleed easily....

"In the classic form of scurvy that evolves very slowly from the gradual depletion of vitamin C body stores, the immune system will be sufficiently compromised for infection to claim the patient's life before the extensive hemorrhage that occurs after all vitamin C stores have been completely exhausted...."

On page 106:

"(T)he viral hemorrhagic fevers typically only take hold and reach epidemic proportions in those populations that would already be expected to have low body stores of vitamin C, such as is found in many of the severely malnourished Africans....

"To date, no viral infection has been demonstrated to be resistant to the proper dosing of vitamin C as classically demonstrated by (Dr. Fred) Klenner.  However, not all viruses have been treated with Klenner-sized vitamin C doses, or at least the results have not been published....

"Cathcart (1981), who introduced the concept of bowel tolerance to vitamin C discussed earlier, hypothesized that Ebola and the other acute viral hemorrhagic fevers may well require 500,000 mg of vitamin C daily to reach bowel tolerance!...

"Belfield and Stone (1975) reported enormous success in the treatment of a variety of viral infections in animals, emphasizing that they had found no virus to be unresponsive to intravenous vitamin C....

"The experience of Belfield and Stone with vitamin C and viral infections in animals certainly seems to agree with the phenomenal success that Klenner reported to his treatment of viral infections with vitamin C in humans...."

On page 108:

He goes on to mention the research of several others and then concludes the section about Ebola with:

"All of this evidence lends further support to the notion that encountering the Ebola virus does not mean instant death.  It is also unlikely that Ebola virus could successfully sicken an individual with a good general nutritional status, and who is taking a daily bowel tolerance dosage of vitamin C."

(Dr. Levy used large IV doses of vitamin C to successfully treat two cases of West Nile, according to the "Boulder Weekly" newspaper several years ago.)

I wonder if the US medical personnel who contracted Ebola in Africa had vaccinations before they went there--and if so, how many.  Dr. Archie Kalokerinos' 1981 book "Every Second Child," about his work with aborigine children in Australia, has a foreword by Nobel laureate Linus Pauling which Pauling concludes by stating, "(I)t is known that immunization and inoculation lead to the destruction of vitamin C.  Dr. Kalokerinos deserves much credit for having made these discoveries."


This from Jim Stone - supporting Vitamin C as a way to combat the effects of ebola.

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The homeopathic remedy for ebola is Crotalus horridus.

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