Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

pharmakeia (aka sorceries) of Babylon

And combine this with MKUltra, Manchurian candidate, and other mind control programs to create pasties for planned false flags, and thus have a recipe for disaster.

I've been so extremely sad for the past six years, and I'm not about to go get on pHARMa meds or do any vaccines, etc...

So I've been doing things more naturally for that.  It helps.

* NCR, ABC, ROLFing, massage, etc... for pain and any neurological symptoms.  Also systemic enzymes for body aches. No asprin nor tylenol ever!

* Vitamins and minerals for any deficiencies

* Eating organic whole foods, being careful to avoid GMOs, etc...

* Zumba and working out with weight machines to up my HGH, endorphins and other feel good hormones.

* Doing creative stuff such as mixing music, graphics/artwork, trying to come up with solutions for things for myself and others.

* Walking around or sitting outside and taking in the view.  This Earth may suck, but it's still so beautiful and pretty in so many places.

* Lots of orgone around on the property and surrounding areas.  Salt lamps too.

* Making lists of goals or things to do or get.  It's a good euphoric feeling once a goal has been achieved.   (I have an over 10-year old list of things we needed or needed done, and most of them have been checked off)

* I still like chatting with people online.  The conversations can still be pretty funny and have me laughing my ass off.

* Watching a funny or upbeat movie, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

* Help someone else solve a problem and I forget about my own for the time being.

* Saving pets from the animal controls, and helping them find homes by either donating, posting pics, hooking up with various animal rescues, donating a few $$$, etc... (I still don't agree with pet vaccinations though)

* Playing with our cat.  (He loves the red laser pointer, but don't most cats like those?)

* Being thankful and grateful for what we DO have.

* Be pro-active.  Knowing you saved a life (animal or human) is a great feeling!

People!  Wake Up!  We don't need these drugs, vaccines, or other shots for depressions, diseases, allergies, etc...

I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir here, but I've seen even the choir doing some of these mainstream things they shouldn't be doing too.

There are always alternative and safer solutions.

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