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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] Contacting Congress regarding vaccine safety

While most advocates for contacting Congress are very likely well intentioned, contacting Congress regarding vaccine safety is not only a waste of time - it works against us. Let me explain what our researchers have discovered:

1) Congress has no authority over the so-called government agencies. Congressional hearings and attentiveness are merely theater. CSPAN was created to help reinforce the myth. This is not merely my opinion but was accurately reported by a Senate committee in 1973. In Senate Report 93-549, after much research and investigation, it was reported that as long as the Office of the President maintains a state of emergency, the Congress is merely window dressing. Our country has been in a perpetual state of emergency since 1933, as the Senate Report exposed. Obama renews it by filing a continuation of the "war on terror" with the Federal Registry each year.

2) Letters, calls, emails, surveys and petitions are collected and reviewed. This collected information lays the foundation for talking points and media campaigns. Without this information the vaccine promoters would not know what to put in their next media campaign. There is a video on this page showing how the Council on Foreign Relations gathers information and uses their media control to manipulate both the vaccine campaign and the public:

3) What we call government is really a vast corporate network. Reading Bond v UNITED STATES will go a long way to better understanding our common enemy, i.e. the ones who maliciously harm our health and cause injuries to our children.

Good folks have been trying to reach the so-called 'government' about vaccines for many decades. Their response has been to destroy the credibility and careers of the brave and honorable whistleblowers, that come forward in support our goals.

According to Albert Einstein, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Perhaps it is time to stop doing the same thing and try something different. Let's use our common enemy's strategy against it. Lets consider ways to publicly - and in every other way we can conceive - destroy the credibility of the CDC and their bought and paid for partners aka the public health 'institutions' (corporations)

In light of the now ongoing Ebola campaign, destroying CDC's credibility may be our best defense against a potential forced-vaccination program.

Ingri Cassel (VacLib) and I have scheduled a call on our TalksShoe series for Sunday night (9-14-14) at 9 pm EST, to explore ways we can do more to destroy the credibility of our common enemy, the CDC. We invite everyone to call in with their ideas and/or strategies.

Sharing our ideas = collective wisdom.Collective wisdom has always been humanity's best defense against enemies. Humanity's common enemies know this, which is why they work so hard to keep us divided.



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