Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] Anti-CDC call and campaign

Alfred Lambremont Webre saw the potential danger of a mass ebola vaccination/quarantine program and responded appropriately by setting up an EbolaGate web page. Many others share his concern, in light of the many times the globalists have attempted to create a massive 'pandemic'. Mr Webre even located the patent for the ebola virus. He shared his, and Steve Green's, research in their article: CDC and CIA - a close and sick relationship

Former EPA-CDC whistleblower Dr David Lewis also recently spilled the beans on the CDC and exposed many ways the EPA and the CDC are involved in efforts to actually poison the American people. Of course the prob lem is not coming from the compartmentalized employees, it is coming from those who control the heads of these so-called agencies.

Wednesday evening Ingri and I are going to host a call on our TalkShoe program to explore ways to do serious (hopefully irreparable) damage to the CDC's credibility. We hope that folks will call in and share their ideas. The more successful we are at exposing the CDC as the fraudulent and destructive institution it is, the more difficult it will be for the banksters and their minions to pull off their ebola pandemic agenda.

In Defense of Humanity Talkshoe program #120481
Wednesday, Sept 17
9:00 pm EST
Call in # 724-444-7444



Marshall Ramsey II said...

My name is Marshall Ramsey II. I am a security guard. When I was posted at a particular site, they had a review manual, one section of it dealing with bioterrorism. In this particular section it stated that Class B (second-most powerful) and Class A (most powerful) bio-weapons can only be made with SPECIFIC ENHANCEMENTS FROM CDC LABORATORIES. That there is a patent for the Ebola virus is completely believeable.

MessiahMews said...

Thanks for your comments and support Marshall!