Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Liberia Ebola ACTORS getting paid-NY Times complicit!!! MUST WATCH!!!

VLA Comment: We have not covered the Ebola issue for reasons such as this. Watch to the end…caught on cell phone camera…the actors, the payoff. Consider this cosmic principle: At the basis of all disease is the frequency of “FEAR”.Where there is love the is no fear. They are two separate and distinct frequencies. What is more terrifying is the Disease of Terror. The Disease of Terror is what is spreading. Both main media and unwitting alternative media are spreading this terrible disease…not Ebola…not influenza…but THE DISEASE OF TERROR.

This link also has the Journalist Whistleblower detailing how the bribed media and the agencies are working together to propagate propaganda.​
And the link also has the article on the NIH calling for vaccinating whole countries.​

Best regards,

Eileen Dannemann
Director,  National Coalition of Organized Women

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