Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Subliminal Pro Vaccine Programming On Google Search.

Or is it in your face?

Usually on the home page of Google is the Google logo, which most everyone with a computer and internet are familiar with.

Sometimes on holidays or other random (?) days, there's a picture of something to relate to the holiday or day.

So noticing today's Google home page was this. Click out to see full size...

Note the people in the picture.  Represents India children and most interesting is the Raggedy Ann lookalike child.

Here is just the graphic itself I grabbed.

Note closely the people in the picture.  The first clue is Dr. "Jonas" Salk.  And also the praises of  "oh how wonderful and great" his vaccine invention is by he little ones pictured in the graphic.  It is purposely depicted as them being thankful to him for his Polio Vaccine invention (especially the India children, thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Activists in the anti-vaccine movement know the widespread damage that the Polio vaccine has caused over there.

Also note the India children (it wasn't hard to see and figure that one out) and most interesting is the Raggedy Ann lookalike child, next to an obvious dark skin India child.  The REAL story behind Raggedy Ann? Well, it's death from a vaccine, and so the picture is basically saying non verbally that the India child is also targeted to die in the same way.

By Alan R. Yurko, CPCC, Sc.

TPTB are desperate in their pro-vaccine programming, because every day, more and more people are waking up to this ongoing vaccine tragedy.

Unless you're aware of their tactics and/or anti-vaccine, most won't even get that this is programming.

Another reason it was put up there was to celebrate and recognize Salk's birthday. Those graphics are called Google's Doodles.

And to show how fucking stupid people really are?  This graphic of someone's text post is Infuriating. Go ahead idiot.  Get your damn vaccines, because after all, the world needs fewer idiots like you.

You're a fucking sheep and idiot.  Please get all your vaccines and do us all a favor by exiting this planet.

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