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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] Call about Ebola Vaccine Trial participation

[Vaccination-Liberation] Call about Ebola Vaccine Trial participation
From: Sheri Nakken vaccinedangers@... [Vaccination-Liberation]
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Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2014 1:10 pm

From Melanie on one of my facebook groups..........."Just had a very scary phone call when inquiring about the ebola vaccine trials. First, this trial is full and injections have already been given. Despite this being a live vaccine (which in animal studies showed shedding to be a problem) they have decided NOT to quarantine recipients because they felt this would make it harder to find volunteers. They will only be following trial subjects for 4-8 weeks, with "quick non invasive check ins no more than once a week". When i asked if there was anything that would disqualify a candidate, she said no one with any form of an autoimmune disease would be allowed, because "those people are highly likely to have serious reactions, and we don't want to skew our results". People with mthfr (40% of the population) would also be disqualified from participation for that same reason. I followed this with a logical question "so then I guess people with autoimmune diseases and mthfr shouldn't be allowed to receive the vaccine once it's approved?" And she replied, " oh no, once approved everyone can get the vaccine" if she was reassuring me that I wouldn't be left out! So I asked her how they knew this vaccine to be safe for those with autoimmune disease and mthfr if they had been excluded from testing. She ended the call.
THIS MY FRIENDS IS HOW THEY SAFETY TEST ALL VACCINES!!!! Skewed results hand picked to show the result the want to show. Disgusting. "

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