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Monday, November 3, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] California's "Personal Beliefs Exemption" form

Part of a discussion on Vaccination Liberation group....

           An addition to what I wrote below is this story out of Idaho
This woman did NOT give her consent for her 8 y.o. boy to receive the flu mist. As you can guess, the school is released of liability since she did not present the school with a Vaccination Notice and force the liability issue. With schools being used as Vaccination Clinics AND the school being released of liability unless YOU as the parent force the issue, this becomes more important than ever for people to wake up to our 'legal reality' and act accordingly.

On 11/02/2014 11:31 PM, Ingri Cassel vaclib@... [Vaccination-Liberation] wrote:

Hi Gary, Joan, AL, Sheri, Natalia and the rest -

Since the law changed last legislative session, the attached form is what THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH claims is required for daycare and school attendance. But according to the way the law is written - see  Noting Section 1, (b) (2) and (d), parents have every right to create their own statement and have their practitioner write a statement and completely revise their form. You can bet that BAR licensed attorneys who don't want their children vaccinated would be utilizing these sections.
Not everyone gets on Facebook and for a multitude of reasons. I totally agree with AL and would be challenging this through creating a Vaccination Notice. There are several ways I would be altering the template that AL provided for a Vaccination Notice on her website here!!#x-*THE%20VACCINATION%20NOTICE
Namely it should be noted that all the health care practitioners authorized to indoctrinate parents are also authorized to prescribe and administer pharmaceutical drugs. While naturopaths are included, only those naturopaths who are licensed to prescribe and administer drugs under the supervision of a physician or surgeon can provide the exemption information.

We talked about this very issue on our radio show Saturday night. With Common Core and Vaccination clinics being set up in all the schools, it is simply too dangerous on ALL levels to put your children in school. Just recently I was talking with a friend and we were noting a few brilliant young people who have come out as strong leaders in our area. What we both found interesting is that all of them were homeschooled.


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