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Thursday, December 11, 2014

003 Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ

TMJ Restoration
Discover Everything They Don’t Want You To Know!
Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ
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Thanks for inquiring about our Whole New Way to Treat TMJ which has been curing jaw pain since August of 2004. This whole TMJ problem is a mechanical problem that can be fixed without drugs or surgery with 24 to 48 hours of treatment spaced over 6 months. Half of the people begin to feel significant improvement after the first 8 hours of treatment. The other half take longer. It is a process. I have been permanently curing jaw pain using this method since August of 2004.

The average case of TMJ dysfunction can be healed in 24 to 48 hours of therapy. I am NOT saying that this is an overnight cure. I can do 8 hours of therapy in 4 days for most people. Then I have to give the patient’s body a chance to catch up to the changes that I have set in motion. It takes several weeks before the patient is ready for the next series of 8 treatments. Each therapy session lasts about an hour. Most people get 90% relief or more by the time that we “unlock” the 6 skull plates and then require a small “tune-up” once per year.

TMJ is not new and there is a treatment that works to give long term relief to even the worst cases. The problem is that 99% of the dentists are only using what they have been taught in school and are not up to date on the new research of what is working.
The typical dental TMJ treatment of splints, braces, and surgery lasts 4 to 6 years and only helps 20% of the patients to become pain free. Most TMJ patients with jaw pain, inability to open mouth wide, and anterior dislocation of the disc are caused by poor dental work and past injuries. They don’t become pain free 80% of the time because these treatments do not address the real problem which is collapse of the roof of the mouth caused by tension and twisting of the Dural Tube. This collapse is accompanied by misalignment of the temporal bone forcing the disc anteriorly.  
My research over the last 17 years has revealed that 98% or more of all TMJ are caused by braces, sloppy crowns, past injuries, inflammation, and hormone imbalances. Most case are fixable within 6 months. These TMJ symptoms are caused by tension and  twisting of the “Dural tube” and result in a  Collapse of the Palatine suture and Facial bones.
The Collapse of the Palatine/Sphenoid/ facial bones has 2 major root cause events.
1.  Braces and sloppy dental crowns which are either too high, too low, or lean in toward the tongue too much.
2.  Physical trauma to the head. These past injuries create inflammation and result in scar tissue.
1.  Braces create tension and twisting in the bones of the skull. Sloppy dental crowns which lean in and touch the tongue cause a neurological reflex of certain cranial nerves that control the tongue and throat. This diminishes your ability to breathe well and your head will shift anteriorly so that it is in front of your shoulders instead of being directly above your shoulders.
2.  Physical trauma and Inflammation causes scar tissue and skull compression which results in loss of the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the mouth. This ends up causing compression and twisting of the “Sphenoid Bone” which connects the left and right temporal bones. Subluxation Complexes of the Skull are addressed using cranial adjustments called “Central Nervous System Restoration”. {Also known as TMJ Restoration}.
The TMJ joint is made up of two bones, the temporal bone and the lower jaw bone and the disc which is between those bones.
The disc is attached to the skull. Specifically, it is attached to the temporal bone.
        The disc is not attached to the lower jaw (mandible).
Dentists think that the TMJ condition is caused by muscle spasms and poor occlusion. They think that the TMJ condition is caused by tight jaw muscles which are causing a bad bite (poor occlusion). They focus on the muscle spasms connected to the lower jaw (mandible); while they ignore the temporal bone because they were not taught that the temporal bones can and do move.
Splints, braces, physical therapy, medications, and surgery do not get to the root of the problem.
Dentists and oral surgeons have a 20%-25% success rate for TMJ treatment over 4 years.
TMJ Specialists do an exam and then make a model of your jaw  and have the lab make a splint which you wear for about 2 years. This has about a 20% success rate.
Neuromuscular TMJ Specialists do the same thing except that they use electrical stimulation to fatigue the chewing muscles before  making the splint.
Then, they make a splint with the muscles completely relaxed. This technique gets about a 25% success rate over 2 years.
However, the jaw muscles are just “accommodating” to a shortened position resulting from loss of the vertical and horizontal changes of the head. Correcting the compression of the sphenoid bones which connects the left and right temporal bone gets rid of the tight jaw muscles almost every time. 
Skull compression is caused by birth trauma, braces, past injuries, sloppy crowns, infection, inflammation, scarring, and chronic stress. This ends up causing compression and twisting of the “Sphenoid Bone” which then causes rotation of the “Temporal Bones”. It also changes blood flow to the pituitary gland which controls hormone imbalance, allergies, adrenal fatigue, and brain inflammation.
My “TMJ Restoration®” corrects the TMJ pain in 6 months for most people and the treatment tends to be permanent. Patients who wore braces for more than a year may take slightly longer to “unwind”. It is important to get a “check up” once per year after the original unlocking of your skull so that stress does not pull and twist things up again.
What I normally find is that all 6 skull plates are compressed and the sutures are twisted {“Dural Meningeal Torque”}.
The mechanical issues dealing with the skull need to be addressed first.
This allows the “sphenoid bone” to be leveled up as much as possible and allows the temporal bone to be rotated back into its original correct anatomical position.
The “TMJ Restoration®” will unlock the skull plates and restore the slight flexion and motion that is supposed to occur in your sutures. As I examine your skull, I will be able to see where your skull is locked up and which head positions cause your brain to feel unstable.
I do NOT do surgery.  I am not a surgeon. I am a chiropractor with special training in finding and correcting Subluxation Complexes in the head. ("Advanced Cranial Manipulation"). I have taken an old Osteopathic technique that has been in use since 1928 called BNS (Bilateral Nasal Specific). That technique was changed and improved about 1985 and became known as NCR (NeuroCranial Restructuring®). In 2004, through prayer, research, and post graduate courses in Neurology; I modified the therapy into what is now called Central Nervous System Restoration®  . {CNSR}
I personally had TMJ so bad for several years that I could only chew on my right side and I had to mash up my food like baby food; and NOW my TMJ IS Gone and has been gone for 10 years!
Dentists and oral surgeons have a 10%-25% success rate over 4-6 years. I have an 90% success rate in 6 months.
Splints, braces, physical therapy, medications, and surgery do not get to the root of the problem. One of my patients even had 14 unsuccessful jaw surgeries before coming to me. Dentists are ignoring the “Temporal” portion of the “TMJ”.
My clinical experience indicates that the bad bite is just another symptom.
I believe that the root cause is that the "temporal bone and sphenoid bones" are compressed and rotated out of their normal position.
Compression of the skull plates causes dehydration of the midline of your brain which is the "core" of your brain.
It controls the "core" muscles of your body. Posture distortions result from this imbalance in flexor muscles versus extensor muscles.
When the core of your brain is dehydrated; then this is affecting the core of your body as well as weakening the extensor muscles of your neck and back. The flexor muscles on the front half of your body are overpowering the extensors on the back half of your body. This causes the head to shift forward and the center of balance shifts; then the stress moves to the upper back and neck.
Your neck muscles and upper back muscles are just trying very hard to support your head which is off balance.
I am taking a very mechanical approach to correct this whole problem and it works to cure the problem, usually within 6 months. Occasionally, it takes 12 or more months for severe cases. This occurs in patients who wore orthodontic braces for over 2 years and in people who have had lots of inflammation that has turned into scar tissue.
Of course, when your muscles are out of balance; then the muscles of your neck have to work very hard to support a skull that is out of balance and can cause CHRONIC MUSCLE SPASMS in your neck and shoulders.
I see patients ALL OF THE TIME who have had braces which created other problems such as seizures and headaches. Braces are OK if the orthodontist understands that the braces also move the skull plates. CNSR needs to be done at the same time as the braces.
When the skull plates are loosened up so that they move freely using  “TMJ Restoration®”; then the orthodontist can get the movement that he wants in about half the time or he can get more movement than he originally thought possible.
The compressed sphenoid and temporal bones also affect the middle and inner ear. This can cause ear pain to develop.
Removing the pressure off of the sphenoid and temporal bones will allow the temporal bones, jaw bone (mandible) and the disk in the TMJ joint to rotate back to their original position.
Using this approach, I have better than 90% success rate over 6-12 months.
The compressed Temporal and Sphenoid bones cause the Temporal Lobe of the Brain to become Dehydrated and cause Areas of High and Low Pressure within the Cerebro Spinal Fluid which in turn causes poor blood flow throughout the brain. This poor blood flow causes the brain to dehydrate and your brain works slower. This makes it harder to think and process information at a fast rate.
The spinal fluid compresses the blood vessels causing loss of blood flow to the muscles of the jaw and face. 
About 1/2 of my patients are from out of state and out of the country. They come to see me for 4 days at a time.
The fastest way to get long term relief from your TMJ and restore normal brain chemistry is a therapy called “TMJ Restoration®”. { Also called Central Nervous System Restoration®.}
The first day, I would examine your skull not with x-rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs, but with my hands and also with specific Neurologic Reflex tests (Proprioceptive Reflexes) that are designed to show me how fast your brain is reacting to gravity and how quickly the left side of your brain is talking to the right side of your brain.
The first portion of the examination will reveal how many and which of your six sutures and skull plates are locked up in the wrong position and will give me an estimate of how many series that you need. These tests tell me which areas of YOUR brain are dryer than they should be and are causing pressure to build up inside the spinal fluid and are causing YOUR TMJ.
The six points are:
1. Bridge of your nose where someone's glasses would sit.
2. Under your nose where your two front teeth come together.
3. Top of your head where the soft spot would be on a baby.
4. Back of the head where the second soft spot would be.
5. Behind the left ear where the temporal bone meets the occipital bone.
6. Behind the right ear where the temporal bone meets the occipital bone.
The second portion of the examination will test for 13 different treatment patterns on each of the 6 skull plates that could be unstable.
Each unstable treatment pattern requires 1 treatment to correct the unstable pattern.
There are 78 individual patterns that must be checked and corrected.
This portion of the exam gives us a better indication of how many individual treatments that will be required in order to correct your problem.
Your TMJ situation is unique and the initial exam will reveal how many series of treatments that you will personally need.
This examination shows me which head positions are causing the brain to feel unstable and are causing pressure to build up inside the spinal fluid and causing Your TMJ.
The treatments are typically done in groups of four treatments which are referred to as one series.
The examination will show how many treatments are required to correct each of the six skull plates.
The skull unlocks from front to back and from left to right.
We correct the skull plates one at a time.
This gives us BETTER RESULTS with less symptoms in between series.
This examination allows me to zero in on YOUR PROBLEM AREAS and AVOID OVER TREATMENT therefore Getting Quicker Results and Saving You Money.
This is all done by physical examination of the head. (No costly MRI or Cat Scan or X-rays)
The total cost of treatment will vary according to the number of skull plates that are locked up and how many of the 78 treatment patterns that show to be “unstable”.
The average length of time needed for 8 out of 10 patients is about 24 -36 individual treatments or 6-9 series of four day treatments. 2 out of 10 patients need up to 48 individual treatments.
After I examine your skull to find out how many of the skull plates are compressed, then we begin treatment.
First I do the deep muscle work around the spine and work  the belly of the muscles to break up lactic acid, then the light muscle work from Australia to balance the muscles on both sides of the spine, then the massage of the skull plates along the sutures, then I remove pressure on the brain stem, and finally I place a little instrument with a balloon in your nose and put air into it for about 2 seconds. The air in the balloon will move the bones (incrementally) into their correct position. Sometimes, I will do the balloon portion of the treatment first.
This is done every day, for each treatment, to unlock each of the 78 patterns that were unstable on the examination.
Half of the people that I work with say that the balloon portion of the treatment feels like they jumped into the pool and got water up their nose (uncomfortable but not a big deal). The other half  say that it feels like very intense pressure for 2 seconds. They even hear the cartilage and small bones in the nose move and say that is sounds like Velcro being pulled apart (very uncomfortable but tolerable because it is only for 2 seconds).
I tell patients that They Will Not "LIKE" The Treatment But That They Will "LOVE" The Results.
The exam is $250.00 A series of 4 treatments is $1,000.00. Two series is 8 treatments and is $2,000.00 That includes the all of the “Soft Tissue Work”.
Correcting your Muscle Spasms and TMJ is a PROCESS...not an overnight cure as I'm sure that you are aware.
There is NO NEED for you to be in such pain.
Most of my patients begin to see results and begin to feel better  by the time that we get 2 skull plates unlocked.
That usually takes 8 treatments (two series) on the average. This can be accomplished in the first four days for most people.
On the AVERAGE, each series of treatments is four days and the treatments are “normally” scheduled about a month apart.
Each patient is unique and in certain circumstances the treatments should be done closer together such as in the beginning to “jumpstart” you to get relief quicker.
In the beginning, the visits lasts about 60 minutes. After the first series or two, the treatments last about 30-45 minutes.
We usually wait four weeks before doing more therapy in order to allow the spinal fluid to catch up with what I am doing to unlock the skull plates.
Getting in with about a two week notice is USUALLY no problem but some weeks are booked more solid than others. We usually have about 6 TMJ patients per week that we work with.
During the last sixteen years, I have combined Five Major and 2 minor  "non-surgical" therapies that are reducing the TMJ by 90% for 90% of the patients within six months.
Approximately 10% of the patients require 12 months of therapy because of extenuating circumstances such as “scarring and dehydration” within the Brain and Spinal Cord from extensive dental work or braces, severe viral infections in the past, or severe tailbone injuries.
About "1 out of 50" people have a slight nosebleed. They blow their nose 2-3 times and it stops. About "1 out of 300" will have more of a nose bleed and we then have to use smaller balloons and "baby" them a bit. [This may extend the average length of treatment to longer than six months as we allow the blood vessels time to rehydrate.]
For some people (1 out of 50), Emotional trauma from past experiences may occasionally surface during the treatment. This is usually short lived and you MAY feel more emotional during the week of treatment. About "1 out of 50" people have old memories that contain old emotional issues that were suppressed.
If you are one of these people who has been a “victim of abuse” then your subconscious will process this old emotional trauma usually in one week or less. You may have a good cry during a day or two while your brain processes the old emotional baggage; then you will feel much lighter.  
As I unlock the skull bones and remove the pressure on the brain, the circulation to the brain is increased and your memory will improve.
For the majority of people we are able to restore the proper flow of the spinal fluid and get rid of the TMJ in six months.
After this, you will need a “tune up” at the changing of the seasons the first year and then yearly thereafter.
I personally need a 2 day tune up about once per year.
There are no other doctors in the world who are using the combination of techniques that I use.
I have found that if I combine 5 major and 2 minor TMJ techniques that I get faster and longer lasting results.
So far I am the only doctor who has focused on TMJ who is using these Seven techniques. They work together very well and the results last.
1. Nimmo Technique-deep muscle work along the spine developed by Dr. Ray Nimmo, a chiropractor, which breaks up lactic acid in the muscles and increases blood flow and oxygen thereby helping the muscles to relax. 
2. Bowen (Neuro Structural Integration Technique)-Very light muscle work designed to relax the muscles of the spine, neck, and face even further so that they do not pull the bones back out of place. The Bowen work has its own protocol for helping the TMJ. Developed by Tom Bowen of Australia who was an osteopathic type of therapist.
3. Cranial Sutural Spread- regular cranial work that feels like I am massaging the scalp where the bones of the skull come together. This promotes the flow of the cerebro spinal fluid in and around the brain.
4. Condyle Lift and Spread- It is designed to remove pressure off of the brain stem using very gentle lifting of the head with patient laying face up with light pressure laterally on the underside of the skull to increase blood flow to the brain by relaxing spasms in the "Vertebro/Basilar Artery" which supplies blood to the brain.
5. “TMJ Restoration®”-uses a small instrument that looks like what is used for "angioplasty". It is a blood pressure cuff with a finger cot (small balloon) attached that is placed into the nose (turbinate bones) and inflated with air for about 2 seconds. The balloon then opens the cartilage at the back of the nose and allows you to breathe better. It also "begins the process" of restoring the subtle motion of the skull bones that is supposed to happen when you breathe air in. Recent research, done at my clinic in August 2004, has allowed for FINE TUNING of this “Advanced Skull Work” by checking for 78 treatment patterns. Each of the 78 different patterns that are unstable must be corrected. The examination reveals how much treatment that you will most likely need. Average is about 24 to 36 individual treatments.
6. Reset jaw muscle (Masseter) spindle fibers-very gentle massage of the major jaw muscles that allow you to chew.        
7. Atlanto/Occipital Restoration-(Ligament Resetting)-light pressure applied behind the ear (bottom of the skull) and to the upper bone in the neck while rotating your head throughout its range of motion during inspiration and expiration to remove stress off of a VERY IMPORTANT ligament that acts like a guy wire to support the skull.
By finding and removing the subluxation complexes of the head; the TMJ gets corrected.
The Soft tissue work is just as important as the “TMJ Restoration®” in correcting the underlying cause of the TMJ.
The average scenario for 80% of the TMJ patients would be that all six major plates are locked and therefore 6-12 series of treatments would be needed.
For most TMJ patients that is a total cost of $6,250.00 spread out over 6-12 months.
About 20% of the TMJ patients have a lot of inflammation that requires more than 12 months.
All of our patients pay for treatment at the beginning of the week when treatment begins. Because of the changing environment associated with healthcare; insurance does NOT cover this work.
The Cerebro-Spinal Fluid acts like hydraulic fluid and once the compressed skull joints are unlocked then the spinal fluid begins to push the bones and cartilage into their proper position.
They tend to stay in the right place unless you receive a new injury or if you have lots of stress.
You NEED To Get Your Skull Checked for compression once per Year (just like having your teeth cleaned).
Get a tune up to Catch Any Problems Early Before They Have A Chance To Develop Into Major Health Problems. 
[Once you have completed our program, then all re-exams are FREE to You AND Your Family. Be sure and ask about our FAMILY DISCOUNTS]
The sinuses and the skull plates shift with barometric pressure changes. Many TMJ conditions flare up the day before it snows or rains.
It is the combination of these 5 major and 2 minor techniques that gives our clinic its high success rate. This means quicker pain relief and less money out of your pocket in the long run. The “Soft Tissue Work” allows the “TMJ Restoration® ”to correct the TMJ quicker with less visits.
Our clinic is in Southlake, Texas and is the only TMJ Clinic in the United States that uses these 7 techniques. I am the ONLY doctor in the United States trained in all these therapies. We have a 90% success rate in reducing TMJ by 90% in six months. It Is Correctable!!! 
Over half of my patients are from "out of state". They drive or fly into Dallas/Fort Worth. The patients stay for 4 days and they do two series. Each treatment lasts about 30-60 minutes.
“TMJ Restoration®” helps to restore normal brain chemistry by removing the abnormal pressure of the skull that is compressing various lobes of the brain. “TMJ Restoration®” is not a panacea treatment that gets rid of every ache or pain from head to toe however it does address and normalize brain chemistry which controls all hormonal and body functions. 
Day to day stresses can "burn up" these chemicals faster than you can make them especially when the skull plates are "compressed".
We are finding that the work that I do using “TMJ Restoration®” to unlock the skull plates makes a direct improvement on brain chemistry.
Please contact me and we'll talk about what is going on with you.
I look forward to speaking with you!
214-407-7352 office 1- 720-297-3104 cell
Dr. Jim McCarty               
1- 720-297-3104 cell     214-407-7352 office
TMJ Patient Testimonials

Well, I've been suffering from TMJ and joint discomfort since 1986, due to getting kicked in the left side of my jaw, while wrestling competitively. 
I tried everything from medicine, dentists, doctors, and had negative feedback and results.  
I finally went on-line and found Dr. Jim.  I was nervous about going to Colorado from California, but I had to do something about this horrible problem.  Let it be known that I have also been having 2-3 headaches a week. 
On the first visit to Dr. Jim, my headaches went away.  
My second visit, everything is almost completely gone. 
Thanks, Dr. Jim  
C. Goss          California 
After having suffered from sleep apnea and TMJ, I can say that after one  TMJ Restoration  series, I can breathe through my nose at night which has stopped my snoring problem.   
As for my TMJ, my right side has stopped popping and clicking completely, and I'm optimistic that in the coming weeks the left side will loosen up as well.   I'm so glad I came to Dr. McCarty, first, rather than spend time and money on other "less effective" treatments.
P. Kuhnen          Provo, Utah 
"I had been having clicking and popping in my jaw for many years.  Over the last year and 1/2, it had worsened with my jaw often painfully locking up.  This changed a few months ago to having constant pain in my right jaw, extending from the temple area down my jaw, almost to my chin. 
 I saw Dr. McCarty's web site and decided to call for more information.  After weighing my other options (I had been wearing a splint at night for over a year with no improvement), such as braces or surgery, I decided to try Dr. McCarty. 
 After three days of  TMJ Restoration, two treatments each day, I can now open my mouth wider, there is no longer the constant pain, and the pain I have when opening my mouth widely has been reduced by 80%.  I am looking forward to further improvement." 
   B. Martin          Paola, Kansas
"I have had headaches since I was a little girl.  My jaw has always given me trouble, and I found out that I had TMJ when I was about 12 years old.  My mom and I have tried everything to find someone to cure my headaches, shooting pains, TMJ, and back pain.  I have had many doctors for separate problems.  Although these doctors would cure one problem, another one would occur.  I would be in constant circles.  I have had everything you can think of, from splints, to orthodontics, to heal lifts.  Nothing seemed to work.  
My mom and I went online one night, and found Dr. McCarty.  We called the next day, and I found myself in Denver the next month. 
The first day of  TMJ Restoration therapy opened so many doors for me.  I have always believed in God and Jesus Christ our Savior.  However, I never felt the emotion behind it all. Now, I have a deeper relationship with God.  Just from the first day, my headaches  stopped on the first few days of treatment.
I called my Momma every day, after treatment, and she noticed a change in attitude in life, emotion, everything.  She even described me as 'bubbly".  This treatment is helping me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I thank God that He brought me to Dr. McCarty.  Anyone who has headaches and pain should see him. Even for one appointment.  It is worth a try.  He saved my life.  I finally feel free."  
N. Cassell       San Diego, California

My intention is to help heal as many TMJ patients as I can. Although I have had remarkable success using “TMJ Restoration®” to treat very difficult cases, I am not allowed to make guarantees. Each patient is unique and each situation is different. If you continue to treat TMJ with the traditional approach; then you will get traditional high failure rates. My approach is quite different and effective.
I look forward to meeting you, giving you some HOPE and getting you back to NORMAL. If you have any more questions, you can e-mail me or call me. Call to talk to me directly about your situation or to schedule an appointment.  
You can E-Mail me at:  Please include your phone # and we will set up a time to discuss your situation.-------Dr. Jim McCarty, D.C.
Dr. Jim McCarty, D.C.  214-407-7352 office     or    720-297-3104 cell      
Southlake, Texas
I am 15 minutes from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport   

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