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Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Vaccination-Liberation] MICHIGAN new vaccine law Jan 15

Now the BS is happening in Michigan now.  Parents will HAVE to PAY to go to a doctor to be "educated" or rather indoctrinated about the supposed benefits of vaccines, before an exemption is granted.  Thus turning all the exemptions into medical exemptions.  The form is to get parents to admit neglect by not vaccinating, that can be and probably will be used against them.
By signing this waiver, you acknowledge that you are placing your child and others at risk of serious illness should he or she contract a disease that could have been prevented through proper vaccination.
This is happening state by state, until all states will have to bring in revenue for doctors just to refuse vaccines.
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Thank you, Sheri. We need to know about these issues as they occur.
We need a national strategy on this issue of 'compelled speech'. I have a letter written by a Vermont attorney regarding these forms that is very well stated. If anyone wants a copy, email me off the list.Just a few weeks ago we dealt with this in Idaho. A parent's exemption form was rejected by the health department due to her crossing out words and adding other ones so she could truthfully sign it. The health department employee actually admitted that it is a legal document and that she was told parents had to sign it UNALTERED!!!  I was absolutely livid and had several email exchanges with the director of Idaho's Immunization Program. He knows that the state's AG won't even back him up on this one since you MUST agree with all the preceding information prior to signing any document, and if you are forced to sign something due to threat of jail, violence or imprisonment, then you MUST restrict your signature.  See live in a corporation-controlled world that operates by the law of contracts so your signature is your most valuable asset. Use it wisely....

From: "Dawn Richardson"  
This is awful! We just beat a bill like this back in CO and in OH just this week because it was done under the light of day with elected officials. Now in MI they sneak it through the rule process and none of the active groups who support exemptions knew about it but the proponents all showed up.  This is disgusting.  We will have to make a big deal about this abuse of rulemaking authority when session starts there in January.
Vaccination waivers will be tougher to obtain in Michigan under new rules

Under new rules that will take effect Jan. 1, Michigan parents will still have the right to refuse the required shots for their children. But they will have to:

• Be educated by a local health worker about vaccines and the diseases they are intended to prevent.

• Sign the universal state form that includes a statement of acknowledgement that parents understand they may be putting their own children and others at risk by refusing the shots.

At a public hearing in November in Lansing about the new statewide rules, none of the 25 people in attendance voiced opposition. The rule change was also supported by documents from doctors, nurses, professional organizations and health officials.

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