Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Graphics and Artsy Stuff

Photoshop is very difficult and not to mention expensive, so I've found some great online image editing sites, thanks to the good peeps at C.A.T.T. (Collect All The Things)

Besides mixing music to help relax me and to create pretty things to bring out the artsy side of me, I've found that I enjoy this.  I stay at home most of the and hardly go anywhere, except for errands, going out of town for NCR, ABC, etc...

The C.A.T.T.collecty site is a spin-off/continuation of the Cheezburger Collectibles that was ended a few years ago.  Many peeps loved them, so a brave new "Fearless Leader (fbastage)" started his own site for us to continue the fun.  We also call the little 240 x 240 graphics collecties or collectys.  But I also use it to make other things and better looking LOLs for cheezburger or whatnot.  I've made some nice collages for my friends and family members too.

I can also make and caption my own album art now, instead of asking someone else to help.

It's also a great way to get my mind off the bad stuff happening in this insane world.

Allow me to post a few of the things I made.  Thanks.

These things are collectibles

Some collecties for CATT...

Famous Cats Hall Of Fame
Famous Cats on Parade (Week 151)
Poor Miracle....

Gimme Sum Suga!
Happy Valentine's Day (Week 149)
Miracle's Gimme Sum Suga! was 2nd Place.  Foxkatt's Purry Pweeze? was 1st Place.
I know it's backwards.  1st to 4th place in the set console goes from right to left for some reason.
Happy Valentine's Day (Week 149)

I should have put the turkeys over his eyes instead....

Fanksgivin' 2014 (Week 138)

Collectys Will Live Forever (C.A.T.T.) 
The Resurrection (Week 126)

I started out with a blank white template and added layered transparent PNG graphics to get the effect....

OREO Speedwagon
Play On Words (Week 121)

A Collecty Just 4 U
Happy Birthday C.A.T.T. (3 Years) (Week 150)

I Dare Ya!
Week 153 - Luck of the Irish

Just playing with the sparkles and hearts.

Okay, NON-C.A.T.T. stuff...

Made some artsy stuff for my daughter, family members, friends, Miracle, etc....

Kissy Kiss!  Beauty Unveiled

Group of lovely sisters

How's about Younique 3D Fiberlash mascara and
putting the face on another body for this weird emo look?

Poor Miracle Kitteh!  :(
Ur mom is a bad gurl!

Me Luv U Long Time too!   But will pass on ur chocolate.  Iz on a DIET!

Okay, this is BEFORE.  She wanted me to somehow crop her face out and add a tree and get rid of the guy in the pic.  Okie Dokie!  Challenge Accepted!

Okay, how to do dis?.... Hmmmm.....
AFTER.  I did it YAY!  And she loved it too!   I hazza pleased.

Okay, she wanted her pic with a tree, so here's the AFTER with her tree.

Okay, album art.  I can do it baby!

Not only did my mixing improve, but so did my album art.
No more having to ask Ricardo to make it for me.  I can do it me self!

When you really would LOVE to BLOCK all those TROLLSTERS

When you really would LOVE to BLOCK all those TROLLSTERS !!

The cats and the peeps would love to watch the movie in peace and quiet please!

Effects within effects using multiple programs.

Everyone loves a pretty kitteh!  Go Miracle!

Okay, now for all the sites and online aps/programs used...

Image Editing Sites:

My favorite image editing site by far is Online Image Editor.
Here's what it can do...
* Cuts off the blank bits.
* It will crop to make a square (ideally), then resize to get it to 240 x 240.
* If you upload a .jpg file, you can check the thing to convert to PNG before it uploads. However, if you do put sparkles on it, then it automatically changes it to a .gif.
* You can layer graphics in this one too.
* You can click on the thing to make badges.
* You can make a transparent PNG, however it's not perfect and may leave fuzzies or cut off parts that you do not want.

Find transparent PNG and GIF graphics on Google search with Google Chrome. Once you find your search, then click on images.

Make GIFs from videos...

Find a video you want to use, then try one of these online websites to create a gif: (will need to create log in)

Gif resizing... For stubborn gifs that won't resize in Online Image Editor

Collage making sites...

Other templates and effects.

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