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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Surgeon General violates the law by targeting children with vaccines

More mind control aimed at children.


To kick off National Infant Immunization Week, the U.S. Surgeon General teamed up with Sesame Street and Elmo for behavior placement directed at your children. Apparently, the campaign seeks to convince the real decision makers when it comes to childhood and infant vaccination; the children and infants. Having undertones of plain creepiness throughout the advertisement, the Surgeon General implies to your children and Elmo that their bodies can fight germs only with the help of vaccines. Putting aside the “safe and effective” science, the reality of this campaign is that vaccines are a private company’s medical product. This is essentially a drug advertisement aimed directly at children and by doing so, violates the Federal Trade Commission’s Statutory Authority, the FDA Consumer-Directed Broadcasting  Industry Guidelines, The Children’s Advertising Review Unit Guidelines, and plain moral and ethical integrity across the board.

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Here is where you force the liability issue and put them all on notice with The Vaccination Notice.

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