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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chrome doesn't view PDF files anymore by Chrome not viewing PDFs

More annoying shit...

Chrome doesn't view PDF files anymore by Chrome not viewing PDFs

Used to, after downloading of a PDF, I would click on it and Chrome would open.  I was able to do fill in forms within the browser even though it's no longer online.  Now, the online view still works when viewing, but the problem is wanting to still use the browser AFTER the PDF has downloaded.

I'm way beyond sick of this constant update this, update that, give a penny here, blah blah blah.  You wanna update something on my computer?  Well, ask for MY PERMISSION!  LET ME CHOOSE! Geez!

This has messed up the downloaded form filling in PDFs.

It's the same ole "If it ain't broke, FIX IT until IT IS!"

Now I will have to eventually find someone whom I will have to PAY with monies I DO NOT HAVE to revert it back to an older version (41) and PERMANENTLY DISABLE any updates.  I tried to disable several ways, and thought I did, but it still manages to update anyway. So I need a freaking professional for that.

Google isn't the anti-christ, it's the devil himself.  Piece of shit, for real. Meh.  All these developers need to be strung up and never ever have this kind of job again.

Apparently, they don't want us to use the browser AFTER download to our computers.

Well, piss off Google, because there are TWO Good Workarounds...

1.  Either at the bottom left where the file is, you can drag it to a new opened tab in the chrome browser, or open the downloads folder and drag it to the newly opened tab.  (NOT my idea, but someone in the Google Forums)

2. Right click on the file and use the "open with" option.  Choose the other programs.  I have Opera, so I opened it first, and then chose Opera browser and it worked!  (THIS WAS MY IDEA!  Take that Google!). Opera never had that option after download like Chrome, to begin with, but it will work if chosen as the program to open up those forms.  Google Chrome wasn't listed in the programs to choose from, so they blocked it totally with their damn upgrade.

Just a few of the comments from the pissed off folks in the forum...

lbb said:

I am having what sounds like the same problem on a Windows machine running Windows 7 pro: yesterday (before Chrome updated itself to 42) I could click on a pdf link in a Chrome browser window and the file would open up in another browser window with the built-in Chrome PDF Viewer. 

Today, after the update, any pdf file I open goes into Adobe Reader. 

I really like the Chrome pdf viewer and use it many times a day at work in many processes of my job because it allows me to do some things very quickly that I can't do as easily in Reader. 

I (and 3 of my coworkers) have checked all my settings, made sure the plug-in is enabled and uninstalled and re-installed Chrome multiple times, all with the same result.

Please help...I would really like this functionality back!

lbb said:

Sarjoor -
I understand that the Adobe Reader plug-in no longer works in the new version of Chrome (Version 42.0.2311.90 m is what I have right now) and that is fine. I'm not trying to use Reader. I'm trying to use Chrome's built-in PDF Viewer like I used to. 

I've been able to narrow down the fact that when I click on a PDF file outside of Chrome (from an email, folder, etc), it correctly opens in Acrobat Reader. And when I click on an inline PDF link from within Chrome, it correctly opens in Chrome. The problem is when the link creates a downloaded file (that appears on the lower left corner of the Chrome window - see "screenshot.png" attached) and I click to open it, it opens up in Acrobat instead of in a new Chrome tab (which is what it did up until a couple of days ago). But I did find that if I go to the Chrome downloads list and right-click on the file name and choose open in a new tab, that works, However if I just left-click, it still opens in Acrobat. 

Matthew Tennyson said:

I am now having the same issue with my system. I'm running Windows, using Chrome 42, have the plug in enabled.  When I download a .pdf, it does not open a new Chrome window, but rather opens up in my Adobe Reader. I really like the Chrome plugin, but its not working anymore.  Help????

IAmThePat said:


I just wanted to weigh in that I am also having the issue as described. I am attaching a screen shot showing the options that are available when I click the little arrow. There is no check mark next to "Always open with Adobe Reader," but if I click open it still opens in Adobe reader as opposed to a new Chrome tab which was the previous (and expected) behavior. Also, a screenshot of my plugins is also included

Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m
OS: Windows 7


JLH243 said:

Given this info, that chrome no longer will support the adobe acrobat plugin and discovering today that a recent update that took place, while I was under the impression that I had automatic updates turned OFF for chrome, but that's another story. Anyway given this information, please tell me how I can revert BACK to the version that I liked and worked like I wanted it to. 

I do NOT want to use this browser in the broken state that it's in with the crippled and worthless "native" or "built in" pdf viewer that does not work exactly like the Adobe plugin did. 

To just replace something that millions of people depended on to work every time in a predictable, reliable and useable way with something that doesn't work as well for no apparent reason other than they just want to force their views and ways on others is the epitome of arrogancy. 

I really hope someone can tell me how to get rid of the last few "updates" that have destroyed the best browser that I have ever used. If not, I may have to go back to using Firefox!

Jon Tyler said:

chrome://flags/#enable-npapi will enable you to restore npapi plugins. Like many, this is a requirement for me, as web-based software I use on a daily basis requires this. Let's hope Adobe and Google can work this out before they remove this flag permanently.

Arun Jolly said:
If you have your Download list open and drag a pdf you've downloaded next to a current tab, it will open the pdf in chrome, in a new tab.  Adds a couple extra clicks and steps, but it works... And is still super annoying.

LarryLACa said:

There are two separate problems causing very similar problems - opening a .pdf causes a gratuitous download and saveAs, the download succeeds, but doesn't/can't open the .pdf in Chrome.

PDF's can be displayed using the native Chrome viewer or with an Adobe plugin.  Use chrome://plugins to which one you're using.  There may be others..

If you're using an older Adobe plugin, enabling NPAPI (chrome://flags/#enable-npapi) may help (until Sept 2015 when the older NPAPI is finally sunsetted/replaced by the Pepper PPAPI or other extensions)

If you're using the native Chrome PDF viewer plugin (Win 8.1 Chrome 42.0.2311.90 or 42.0.2311.135)
Chrome PDF Viewer (2 files): details (abridged)   from chrome://plugins 
   internal-pdf-viewer (PPAPI)
then there is a bug introduced with the update of 41.0.2272.118 to 42.0.2311.90 or 42.0.2311.135.
See chrome://version or the Chrome About setting to get your version.
For the 42..90 and 42..135 there is a fix/hack/workaround - but it's kind of tacky.  See my Apr 30 post.

If you still have the 41.0.2272.118 version, you can use it.  If you intend to do that, you need to save it soon under an alternate name.  Older versions are deleted with each update.  42..135 began distribution 4/27, which killed my 41..118.
See earlier posts on how to use 41..118 instead of the currently installed version.

Besides being two distinct problems - depending on the viewer plugin you're using, there's the Mac/Windows divide.
This is a Mac thread.  My comments are for the Windows version.  I've posted here because it's getting the most views/posts.

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