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Friday, May 22, 2015

Some Good News Finally...


Finally fixed that damn autoscroll annoyance.  Stopped that shit, but good.

Remember my post here?

Google Chrome and Autoscroll Do NOT Get Along

I haven't had it since I made the above post, because I tried that last suggestion in that forum mentioned below...

From Rikky in this forum, I tried that X-Mouse Button Control program as suggested...

Download and install this program.

Once installed run the program,you'll get a mouse icon in the taskbar,double click it.

Where is says 'Wheel up' select 'disable'
'Wheel down' select 'disable'

Your scroll will now be disabled,I've just checked and it works perfectly,you will have to leave the program running for it to work.

Enjoy your new non functioning mouse

That's one less damn thing to aggravate the shit out of meh.

Yeah, I know this is an otherwise boring post, but for those peeps who may encounter this problem, it's not fun, and they would very much appreciate this info.  So props to Major Geeks forum and to Rikky.


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