Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tragic News for California

Well Gov Brown signed it with NO religious exemption.  Mandatory Poisoning....

If it was me, I would sell all my stuff and get the hell out of there.  That's pretty much what we did, when FL signed the MSEHPA (Model State Emergency Health Powers Act) into law.

I was like fuck that, and we were out of here within the next two months.

Too bad, we just didn't go ahead and leave the whole damn country.  I'd still like to.

A clearer more readable version.

from the incredible Marcella Piper-Terry
Governor Brown signed SB277 into law.
He signed it less than 24 hours after it hit his desk, even though he
had 12 days to review before making a decision.
What does that mean?
It means his mind was already made up.
This is no surprise.
I posted the comments of my friend Vasanth earlier today, because I
wanted everyone to stay positive. I do believe in the power of
prayer. I also believe in the power of truth. Given that we have
truth on our side, and so many of us praying and visualizing a
positive outcome, many are no doubt asking, "Why didn't it work?"
The answer to that question is because it's not time yet.
Let's think about this...
What has happened in California as a result of Richard Pan's push for SB277?
What has happened is that with every hearing, every testimony, every
step closer to what happened today, more people woke up. More people
became enlightened about what is happening to our children. More
people became concerned about the government over-reach and the
abusive tactics being employed to take away parental rights. People
got involved. They stopped looking at each other as "the enemy" and
they started working together to stand against a common abuser.
California is awake.
Californians who have been fighting SB277 are not just going to start
lining up at pediatricians offices to have their children vaccinated
according to the CDC's schedule, just because Richard Pan and
Governor Brown say so.
Those parents and activists in California are not going to back down.
There are already multiple discussions going on about the next steps,
which include taking the state of California to Court.
Do you know what happens in Court?
There's this very important thing called "Discovery."
Discovery means witnesses are called and they get to tell their
stories. In public. On the record. For everyone to see and hear.
Discovery is what has been denied in Vaccine Court. Parents of
vaccine-injured children have been silenced. Until now.
The doors have just swung wide open.
It would have been far better for the pharmaceutical industry if
Governor Brown had vetoed SB277.
And, guess what? That's not the only good news...
As a result of what has just happened in California, more and more
parents and activists around the globe are becoming informed about
vaccine injuries. People who never even questioned are pausing and
paying attention. If it weren't for the fight in California, many
people who are now questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines
would not have ever even given a glance. They are now wondering,
"What is this all about? Maybe we should investigate a little further."
As we all know, once a parent starts investigating, he or she is not
going to stop. That can only work in favor of truth.
The third positive thing that comes as a result of Governor Brown's
signature on SB277 is this...
"The Legislature, after considerable debate, specifically amended
SB277, to exempt a child from immunization WHENEVER the child's
physician concludes that there are circumstances, including BUT NOT
LIMITED TO, family medical history, for which the physician does not
recommend immunization...
Thus, SB277, while requiring that school children be vaccinated,
explicitly provides an exception when a physician believes that
circumstances - in the judgement and sound discretion of the
physician - so warrant."
Governor Brown's emphasis on this aspect - expanded medical exemption
- paves the way for legal challenges to SB277 if school systems and
health departments refuse to accept a physician's written medical
exemption - FOR ANY REASON. This has been a huge problem for families
seeking medical exemptions for their children, and not just in California.
I am not naive enough to believe this will work the way it is written.
I don't think Governor Brown is, either.
One final word about what happened today...
I know many, and especially many of those in California, are grieving
today. Some may be panicking. Many are no doubt being triggered by
the recurring trauma they have endured as a result of vaccine-injury
and repeated denial and threats (this is a big threat) by their
government. I am genuinely sorry for what my California friends are
feeling. You deserve to grieve. Your pain is real. Your fear is
justified. Allow yourself to feel it. Honor those feelings and
emotions so they do not cloud your judgement as you pick yourself up
and prepare for the next leg of this journey. This is a MISSION and
YOU have been chosen. Your work is going to end up saving not only
your children, but all of our children, and ultimately, the future of
humanity itself.
Without these challenges, and without your strength, your
extraordinary care and concern, and your willingness to stand up for
what is right and not back down, many who are now awake would still
be ignorant of the danger that is heading for their own families.
If SB277 had been vetoed, things would have died down, not only in
California, but in the rest of the country. That's why this is
happening. It is not time for things to die down.
This is just the beginning.
I hope you are all organizing in your own states. If not, get busy.
This is coming to you.

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MessiahMews said...

See? It's what I've been saying all along.

They do not give a flying rat's ass what we want. Their goals are to oppress and suppers us all in every way possible.

Writing letters, signing petitions do not and never have done any good, except maybe put you in a FEMA compiled list of some kind.

Their only goals are to protect the financial interests of their various corporations. That's it! ALL about money and greed, and ZERO about our health, wellfare, happiness and joy.

Why God stuck us all on a backwards world and expect us to do this and that is beyond me.

It's like you want us to learn and grow? Throw us all a bone here, will ya?