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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Door County authorities search for missing Fox Valley doctor

Now we have a 4th doctor missing???? What is going on???? They all have one thing in common and that is supporting the vaccine autism connection. All have mysteriously died or gone missing within the past few weeks. Add in Dr. Myers Eisenstein and Andrew Moulden. What are they trying to cover up???!!!!  ~Maria Stevens

The pHARMa companies can't have their minions (mainstream doctors) wising up, now can they?

God forbid if you happen to grow a conscience these days.  Apparently doctors aren't allowed to have a conscience.

The solution is going to depend on the average consumer to wake up and avoid all vaccines and drugs.  It's going to take more than just a handful though.  Nearly everyone is going to have to wake up.

Here is another one...

I like Patrick's comment...

when the cowards get desperate they murder, the drug companies are afraid we will say no to their eugenics plan, but in the mean time this murder give me reason to cal for the hanging of all chemist world wide, hang them to death, same for the CEOs of the drug companies who employed these chemists even those at Dow and Monsanto who believe we are synthetic organisms. Synthetic organisms don't hang murderers, but we will following the bankruptcy of those who killed a man who was trying to address the disease you ass hole created.
Dr Broadstreet, a martyr, Dr. Andrew Moulden a maryr also murdered just to add to list of tactics fear forces these captains of industry and medicine to use.
Linus Pauling murdered at 94, now that is fear.
Do the math, we have 100,000 people who can hang each of the chemists, each of the CEOs each of the bribed representatives and any person in uniform who attempts to prevent this mass murder will die.
A mild mannered Dr. whose child will never know his dad and his patients have no where to turn.
Organic sulfur when added to the diet of mom and a vaccine damaged child will come back with eye contact, is that why you were seeing Dr. Broadstreet? To get your child back and your life back. 801-290-2013

Have to agree with Patrick here.  And on the organic sulfur, as well.

Get it HERE.

Cellular Matrix Study

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