Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, July 5, 2015

RAGE Against The Vaccines

The HPV vaccine is the new Polio. Girls all over the world who are healthy and athletic are ending up with aching, burning limbs, muscle weakness, joint pain, numbness, tingling, tremors and complete paralysis after their HPV vaccinations. But you won't hear this from a pro-vax stance because they laughingly dismiss these vaccine-injuries as a psychological issue that is just a worldwide coincidence. Welcome to the new Polio.

Do you have questions about vaccines? Don't want to sift through all of the information that's out there? Still on the fence? Vaccination is a very hot and emotional topic for everyone! With all the disinformation out there on the internet it is hard to know what to believe. On this page, we go back to the basics. We go to the source of the vaccines and that is the manufactures package insert. Through these inserts you can learn all of the real facts that can not be twisted by either the pro or anti vax side. You will see how little they have been studied or tested. You will learn that all vaccines have never been studied for carcinogenesis and therefore can never be considered safe. You will learn that certain vaccines DO shed and it is even listed in the insert. You will also learn the adverse reactions/side effects of vaccines which is an ever growing list and is the most debated topic among controversial ingredients. Don’t be intimidated by complex words used in these inserts, once you read through all of them you will be able to establish a clear picture. Arm yourself with this knowledge so you can be sure in your decision and win any vaccine argument you are faced with. 

Don’t be fooled by the lies and deception of “Herd Immunity” when it is actually impossible to ever achieve given the fact that vaccines shed their disease they are claimed to protect against. Another fact is most all teen and adult populations do not follow up with boosters and vaccines only last a certain amount of years. Fact: Vaccines do not give you immunity, and actually do the opposite in which they suppress the immune system making it weak and vulnerable to viruses and infection.
Tools you can use:
Find all vaccine package inserts here:

Find out if the products you use daily are toxic to you and your home here:

We are not here to debate about vaccines obviously, since this is an anti-vaccine site. This is what it is. All trolls will be banned. We do not feed the trolls on this page. We need to keep this page clean so it is a safe and welcoming page to those who are still unsure about the subject of vaccination. Those who have dirty potty mouths get banned. We do not discuss religion, race, politics or abortion on this page. Please be respectful to each other, there is no reason we can not be civilized and have educated adult conversations. Thank You.

***If you know anyone who has been injured by Gardasil and would like to share their story along with all of the others who have suffered, please have them contact this site

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