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Sunday, July 19, 2015

School vaccination exemption lost in California . . . now what?

There have been many responses to the loss of vaccination exemptions in California. The parents who have unquestioningly accepted the falsehoods spewing out of Big Pharma and the CDC (exposed by a Harvard Study) are relieved for they naively believe this change will serve to protect their own children. Those who understand the reality regarding vaccines are appropriately stunned and frightened.

Proposals to overcome the loss of protective exemptions are varied:

1) Leave the state
2) Find a doctor willing to sign a medical exemption
3) Write your own religious exemption citing the first amendment of the Constitution
4) Support a referendum: take the vaccine exemption issue to the general public in hopes over over turning the legislative decision
5) File a lawsuit
6) Home school your children

7) Submit a legal notice

Perhaps we should take a close look at each of these proposals before we put our time, money or hopes into any of them. Here is our summation/analysis of each one: School vaccination exemption lost in California . . . what now?
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AL Whitney
Retired Registered Respiratory Therapist
Former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children
Spouse of a retired Family Practitioner
People for Safe Technologies

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From: 'Dr. Tedd Koren (D.,C.)'  [Vaccination-Liberation]

A little article i wrote.  Tedd Koren, DC

California blew it: SB277
All the other states were able to deep 6 all the bills some Nazi legislators put forth to remove vaccine exemptions. But not California. SB277 passed. Their weak argument was, “We’re not anti-vaccine, vaccines save lives, but pretty please let us refuse them sometimes, if that’s OK with you.” 
What weakness! Why didn’t they flat out tell the truth:
Vaccines are dangerous, they kill infants and babies. The US government has paid nearly $3billion to pay for vaccine damaged kids. Vaccines cause brain damage, weaken the immune system and leave kids permanently sick. Further they are ineffective and there’s no science behind them. You want us to be forced to take them? Are you crazy? What is this Nazi Germany?  Stalinist Russia? North Korea?
Then bring a few-brain injured, autistic kids in front of the legislature and the cameras. Get some that are out of control and scream non-stop and have seizures and then with a megaphone (because they can scream loud) say, “You want to force us to have more of this?”
Why doesn’t anyone have the nerve to say they are anti-vaccine? We’re dealing with fanatics who want poison all kids – no exceptions.
Fortunately in my state of PA the bill was tabled. I met with two state reps and they are about as knowledgeable about vaccines as your average MD – meaning they know nothing!
I told them: “There are thousands of voters in your district that want freedom of choice.” That gets their attention If it were just me they wouldn’t give a damn.  “Constitutional rights?  What Constitutional rights?” but say “Thousands of votes”  Now you’re talking.
PS. It looks like the rest of the world is catching up to us. Recent headline: Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines. Go to:

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