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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arts and Stuff...

Because I still like making artsy pics, gifts and such, and had gotten alot of experience and practice while the C.A.T.T. Collecty site was up.

I did save most of what was in the C.A.T.T. Collecty site's sets. These are all of our artwork in sets that won.

Some won, some didn't and others are made for the heck of it, because I love creative art, and I also put them on the Cheezburger site.  I often made the collecty artwork for other folks on there, when they couldn't make them in any given week.  Most of these are silly shit that many folks don't give a rat's ass about, but all the same, they were fun to make.

I used to have to ask a friend several years ago to help me with album art for mixes, but not anymore.

Thanks to all the online sites, etc... we can do alot to make some real appealing graphics and GIFs.
Presenter ID is 149462
Presenter ID name is Roberto Carrillo


Well Done MY Peeps!

RIP Pauline Young

The problem with 3 was in a 3-way tie

When Famous Cats Disagree

Happy Birthday Winnie Wonka!

I'd Be KING Ob Da Disco !
Week 161 - If I ran dis place

HALP! I'm Borked!

Aliens Took It!
Week 156 - Unusual Easter Baskets

KISS - The Cat Album

Tabby Road Remastered Edishun

The Beatles Limited Edishun Album

Ze Aroma of Love Dahling
Week 159 - What's that smell? (made by MessiahMews, submitted by kayzebo)

Auditions for 3. Who will the winner be?
Week 157 - Great Things come in Threes
A StrayMewsFoxy Produckshun

Ur Always Cinco de Meowing On My Mind
Week 160 - Cinco de Meow

NO! Obliterate Them!
Week 157 - Great Things come in Threes

Yo! Dude...Gonna Eat Dat?
Week 158 - You gonna eat that?

C.A.T.T.'s Got Talent -- Come Check Us Out

Intersect 5.0
(idea from the show Chuck)

Grumpy vs. Bitstrips

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

Happy Birthday cataff

No Bite, Just Smite!
U Behave, Or Ceiling Cat Will Ark Fry U!

Coming Or Going?
Trouble Coming AND Going
Week 165 - Trouble Coming

Here Comes The Fuzz!
Claw Enforcement
Week 165 - Trouble Coming

Lollipop Lollipop... Oh Lolli Lolli...

Ma! Dere's Trubble A'brewing (for tinyinsydekitkat)
Now That's An Ill Wind
Week 165 - Trouble Coming

Weatherdawg Sed Bad Fings R Afoot (for tinyinsydekitkat)
Week 165 - Trouble Coming

Ground Control to Fearless Leader.... Are U here?

Happy Cat's Happy Song

Taking Teh Dog On His Daily Troll...errrrr, I mean Stroll

From This....

Original Picture

To THIS (the Father's Day Remix) ...

Our Father, Who Art In Heaven...
Week 167 - Father's Day 2015

Independence Day?  I Doan Finkso!


Made by MessiahMews Submitted by tinyinsydekitkat

What Ceiling Cat Giveth, The Govt Taketh Away...
Uncle Scam

The Famous Amazon Cat.  From this...

Read The Customer Review Comment from sb043 (Christy)...

To THIS...

It's Fun To Stay At The YMCA

And check out the artwork, I did myself.  Took a few hours on making Nyan Cat's Poptart into a Meow Mix body and making the entire thing a transparent vector graphic.

Global Deejays Mix (2015) by DigitalAngelDonnaDJ
Also Embedded in my post here...

I AM Disappoint....

I AM Disappoint

I AM Disappoint

We R Disappoint

Trippin' Shizzle....

From this....

To THESE Trippy Kittehs....



Hippie Hipster

Get the LIFE filter and #standforlife

I Freaking Hate Breast Cancer
Via Sunfrog Tee Shirts...

The online editing programs used are:

Online Image Editor (my fav)

PhotoVisi (for collages)

Photomania (for a variety of effects|

Have a Nice Day!

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