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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Etheric Laser Wand

Since this has come up before and will again, thought I would post all the info we had saved on it, plus sites that still have the info as well.  The original made by Ben Morton.  He had put the instructions on how to make it as a comment several years ago on one of my Flickr photos, so I'm putting it all here.

And also the etheric body can have its own energetic blockages like etheric sludge and clinkers on spinal cord and various organs.  See:  The Etheric Torch by Cbswork on for more info on that.

Etheric Laser Wand
Originally termed .357 wand, the etheric laser wand produces an etheric flame similar in shape to a cutting torch.
Used by many to clear clinkers, energy blockages and cords from the subtle bodies.
Designed to be as a reed into the ethers.
- See more at:

Original Made by Ben Morton...

I'll gladly give the recipe for the original design :) This is simple but please make it correctly. I can not endorse any design other than the design CBs Told me to maintain. So here it is: 
a clockwise copper-coiled wrapped single terminated (preferably of Arkansas origin) quartz crystal approximately 3/4 of an inch in length.. this wrap comes up the crystal to the point and fans out about a half an inch into a clockwise funnel.. with wide end facing the eventual nozle of the ELW. 
pour an inch of resin into the base of mold.
add approximately 3/4 teaspoon ov brass metal shavings to resin.
add the wrapped quartz crystal and stand it upright deep in the mixture of metal so that it is not falling over. add enough resin to just cover the crystal. let harden. add an sbb coil (direction of placement is of no concern in this) let the coil rest flat and add enough resin to cover the sbb coil. let harden. wrap 20 gdge copper wire 3-5 clockwise turns around a magic marker ink pen or other similarly sized cylinder, then use needlenose pliers to Finely shape the top of the coil 1/3 the way in toward the middle of the coil. reposition the needlenose pliers and pull the wire end down into the center of the magic marker sized coil- to the bottom or very near the bottom of the inside center of the coil. then make a 1/8th to 1/4 inch U bend and direct the coil wire straight up 2 & 1/2 inches.. pause,
Now, before later ;) add your minerals onto the wire, in this order:
peridot, topaz (i used blue), and amethyst) these rest in or on the U in the center of the magic marker size coil... ok, back to the ELW coil...

we now have approximately 2 and a half inches of straight copper extending above our larger clockwise coiled base that extends up to where the inverted double C loop is (top of the ELW coil unit)
continue the straight copper length about an inch and a half; remembering to keep this straight and lined up with the lower straight segment below the double C loop. this upper length of the wire will end up somewhat centered in the brass tube (of approx. 3/4 inch to 1 inch length) that ends up on top of the ELW. Residing Inside that brass tube, lives an emerald green emerald. Don't forget it or you don't have an ELW- you'll only have a torch. Suggested reading is about the healing properties of emerald. just informational, in this regard. onward and upward in this design, we now have our ELW coil finished, sitting nicely pointing up on the table without assistance (it doesn't fall over) you can fit 30 together in the middle of the table without them falling over. its a pretty sight :) please make them correctly :D 
next we cutout a nickel sized piece of brass thin enough to bend with fingers but still stiff. brass, not copper. now cut that in half and trim only 1 of those half rounds about an 1/8th inch smaller than the other half. trim from the flat side of the half circle so when you place theme back together in the ELW you wind up with a kinda off-center slit between the two pieces of brass (where the ELW coil will come up between and preferably touching only 1 of those half circle flat pieces of brass. 
Next in the pouring, set the finished ELW coil into the mold so it rests pretty much centered on the sbb coil (now slightly covered by hardened resin) just above the crystal that is now also hardened in metal/resin)
..remember to keep the ELW coil looking pretty as it was when finished on the table top. can you tell i've seen enough not so pretty ELW coils floating around the web? :) You still have the best that I've seen hun :)
ok, now we have an ELW set and ready to pour the middle 1/2.
pre-heated (with a blowdrier) resin works nicely as it conditions the resin to be quite viscous and won't disrupt your fine setting of the ELW coil too much during pouring. pour the resin to about 1/8 - 1/4 inch above the double C loop toward the top of the ELW coil. let harden. 
you should now have approximately 3 inches of poured and hardened resin in the nearly completed ELW before finishing these last 3-4 pours. yes :) it takes that many pours in these finishing steps to get it to turnout correctly.
on top of the hardened resin that you now have in the mold, pour just enough resin to set the flat pieces of brass into and still have just enough resin in the layer to cover the flat brass half rounds (that you've centered in correct proximity to the ELW coil top). let harden and it is crucial to have it harden level, as level as possible.
it works best to interupt the hardening process just before the resin sets permanently (in this layer) and place the brass tube (nozzle) centered in the mold and preferably, with the ELW coil wire centered in the brass tube. 
interrupt the hardening process correctly and it saves you 1 pour in the final stages of production because you won't need to pour 3 drops of resin into the brass tube to seal it ( if the bottom of the brass tube isn't sealed before filling the tube with resin, it will run out the bottom of the brass tube and fill up around the outside of the brass tube.) thus leaving you with a cylindrical encapsulated ELW. ouch, not after all your hard work. seal the inside of the brass tube with enough resin :) 
after your brass tube has been babysat and is now somewhat solid and sealed, add your emerald bit into the brass pipe so it rests alongside the upper extension of the ELW coil wire.
try to have the ELW coil wire end extend at least 3/4 the way through the brass tube length. its ok if the coil comes to just below the brass tube end. 
Now, with emerald in place, inside of brass tube sealed, and the flat brass half circles already covered in hardened resin; now is the second to last pour. :) 
pour the center of the brass tube full of resin, a dome of liquid resin resting in the top of the ELW nozzle will be a lot nicer on the skin than a sharp edge, so use a stir stick to put every last drop of resin in the tube as it will hold. then go ahead and pour the last 3/8ths inch of resin to the outside of the nozzle. that's the last pour unless something happens and you aren't satisfied with the nozzle. if it doesn't come out correctly, no problem just add the ELW to the inside base of your CB pipe because it will burn the heck out of the sludge your CB is clearing from your environment. and start over on the ELW :)
Its a simple design but do it correctly. I've seen so many designs and people dropping my name on their designs. You've stuck to the design best, so I'm here with correct instructions. I've been ignored by the other guys who make another design, put my and CB's name on it and market them as the Improved ELW. 
Much respect hun :) Thank you for your great work on so many fronts. 
If you wish to fight back on another level just add a phenacite above the emerald. simple enough :)
or I'll be happy to keep you in fine supply of ELWs. either way
the perfect mold is a plastic double ended round toothbrush travel case with 1 single drop of peanut oil dropped into the first layer of resin (the metal layer).
Ben Morton

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* He did take his site down again, so you will have to email him at to see if he will still make them.  However, he did post the instructions as a comment on one of my Flickr photos several years ago.  So I had re-posted it.

There was a different version called Etheric Torch from Quebec Orgone.  But I don't think they sell their version anymore either.

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