Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

[Vaccination-Liberation] Idaho seeks Ebola Coordinator

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is seeking an Ebola Coordinator
Program Specialist.
The funding for this position comes from, can you guess??? yep, the CDC.
You know, the ones who own a patent on the vaccine.

Here is a YouTube discussing the possible reasons behind this position

This is just a little too close to home for me...

Thanks to Joan for alerting me to this 'news'.

In the Spirit of Truth,

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
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Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869
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“Free Your Mind....
From the Vaccine Paradigm”

“When we give government the power
to make medical decisions for us, we, in
essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”
~U.S. Representative Ron Paul, MD

To begin your journey on learning about vaccines, the biomedical
paradigm and why the only truly informed choice
regarding vaccines is complete avoidance and refusal, we offer you the
following weblink to well-footnoted articles and resources.

Your false flag fearmongering is getting old.  YAWN!

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