Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Attention Webmasters! Got a Clue Yet?

As I have said before.... "We dislike this shit!".   Are y'all getting a clue yet?  Get the hint?

FINALLY, enough people have complained (besides myself) about how much this is ANNOYING as hell.

It worked.

So NOW, someone somewhere put together a Google Chrome extension to block these annoying overlays that are hard to X out of, for the most part.  Especially those who use SmartPhones to browse the internet.

So now Google Chrome has an extension to block this anoying shit.

Edit:  Overlay Blocker is no longer available in the Chrome store, but they now have one called BehindTheOverlay.  It works, so far.

You know these annoying javascript things that have to data mine emails in order to sign up for newsletters, even though there's an option on the sidebars to sign up for them.  And also soliciting for Facebook Likes for their facebook pages.

Done told you all that we are tired of this shit.   And now we can block all these nonsense and actually get to read the text on the various sites.

Thank you.

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