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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Animal Shelter Business Rant

Killing animals because they wind up in shelters is no excuse to kill them.  NEVER!

WHO the hell decided this BS to begin with? I mean, who died and left them to play God to begin with?  WHO?!!

Mark my word, people who participate in this or condone this directly or indirectly, HAVE to answer for that. It's bad enough to hit one while driving a car, etc..., mishandling, or any other accident, but ON PURPOSE? Especially when one should know better?

This is why I share these pictures of pets in shelters on here, on Cheezburger, blogs, Google+, etc... to make up for the lack of compassion in the general population.

Anyone can think whatever they want of me, I could care less, as I'm not addicted to the outcome, but I have zero tolerance of this ongoing murder of our pets.

So why our history of ignorance, why our dismissal of them as "just a dog" or "just a cat or whatever"? Most pin partial blame on the Bible.

So, what did God mean for man to do when he said in Genesis 1:26 man should take dominion over all the animals? God’s command to “subdue” the earth and the animal life in it is a command to have the “mastery” over all of it. A true mastery (of anything) can never be accomplished without an understanding of the thing mastered. In order for a musician to master the violin, he or she must truly understand the instrument. In order for mankind to attain mastery over the animal kingdom, we must understand the animals. When God gave humanity dominion over the animals, it was in order to care for, and tend to them.

Genesis was originally written in Hebrew, and since every translation involves interpretation, we do well to ask about that English word, "dominion." (Some translations read "rule over," instead.) In biblical Hebrew, the word indeed supposes a hierarchy -- someone in a position of power exercises this quality over inferiors. So "rule over" or "have dominion" is actually quite accurate. However, its interpretation as the right to exploit and despoil is not.

Otherwords... QUIT KILLING OUR INNOCENT ANIMALS! STAY OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS with the animal control vans picking up our pets, just to to make a few bucks from them. So many people's pets have disappeared into the "money making shelter system". That little cat picked up, was a little girl's best friend, or that dog picked up was a little boy's companion. We LOVE our pets! They are part of our families.

And to those that disregard them as trash as just another dog or cat, and taking them to a shelter because they got big, or too much are simply STUPID, IGNORANT and IRRESPONSIBLE and should have their asses kicked to kingdom come.

LQQK at this picture closely and think, is it okay that humanity does this?

These creatures have feelings and emotions too. They feel joy, happiness, sadness, fear, etc...

And LOVE!  Yes, they feel LOVE too.  THINK about that for awhile. We must ban this killing once for all.

"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi

(Photo reposted from Nokilladvocacy/NoKill Coalition. For more information on NO KILL go to:

This is Cane Corso. Cane began to cry when the shelter staff took him back to be Euthanized (the nice word for KILL). By the grace of GOD Canes tears touched the hearts of the staff that day and he was allowed to LIVE! Shortly after this day Cane Corso was adopted. Cane was one lucky dog. Cane is not a unique dog. They ALL CRY! They ALL have hearts and feelings. They all want to LIVE! Nearly FOUR MILLION dogs and cats are scheduled to die across country this year, and the next year, and the next. KILLING animals is WRONG! KILLING animals IS NOT the ANSWER to controlling pet population. The answer is OPENING our MINDS and HEARTS to believing that there is another solution. The answer is the NO KILL EQUATION. When County governments work along side their citizens and implement the NO KILL EQUATION the community prospers as a whole. THOUSANDS of Shelters across America are working this program with GREAT SUCCESS. It is a PROVEN SYSTEM. Citrus county is NOT a No Kill Shelter. It needs to become one now! Please get involved. Contact your county commissioners. SPEAK UP for the animals in your community. You are the ONLY VOICE they have. Citrus County Board of County Commissioners:

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