Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Thursday, April 7, 2016



Bradley Bush, ND
A Lab Test That Actually Works for Detecting Lyme Disease
Unique test that doesn’t use traditional antibody response
Cutting-edge interpretation of this test
Drs. Bush and Jay’s personal experiences with this test

Robby Besner, BS
The Applied Science of Infrared Technology
Discover full spectrum infrared: Near, mid and far
Infrared applications for Lyme disease
Secrets with infrared saunas and mats (pads)

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM
3 Phases of Lyme and Rife Technology
Tools to help in Phase 3 Autoimmune Lyme
Why Lyme & H. pylori have similar survival mechanisms
Frequency technology for cancer and Lyme patients

IV Vitamin C Treatment for Lyme Disease
4 reasons Lyme sufferers don’t get well
Testimonials from using IV Vitamin C
At-home recommended tools and supplements


Bobby Besner -
-Benefits of FIR, detox, lower pain, inflammation with spot IR pads
-Heat shock protein - kills bugs - FIR will initiate it
-If get core temp at 102 F natural die off of virus n bacteria
-If get up to 105 F starts to affect brain cells
-Portable sauna can combine with ozone and add EO’s
-pads with castor oil protocols
-Start every morning with 30-45min IR sauna

Jason West - Using IV Vit C
-Dad dying was due to crown on tooth with mercury post within 1 month of removal and vit C IV new life, new person
-Gave dying girl 100, 000 mg, came back to life, dripped for 12 hrs
-up to 300g a day for a wk 12 hr drip
-50g or oral lipo c daily without issue
-Neural therapy to reset nerves, remove memory of illness

Why he believes we dont get better
-Physiology too advanced from multiple abx
-Wrong doc wrong trx
-Patientws dont wanna get better
-Patients dont have support circle
-No money

Likes heat
-Daily hot bath, likes heat to get enzyme activation
-LDM 100 lomatia
-Lymph drainer
-Immune stimulator
-take EFA
-Mineral formula - mag potassium selenium

Dr Conners -
-Cyrex labs for autoimmune tests best lab for antibodies to tissues
-If autoimmune and give immune stimulants to stim Th1 help immune kill bug but if have Ab against own tissue helping immunity kill own tissue. YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF BY STIMULATING IMMUNE RESPONSE
-Herx to cats claw not always from endotoxins (byproduct of bacteria that has to be detoxed) sometimes from body trying to kill you
-if exceeding bodys ability to detox can create Ab to endotoxins
-doesnt believe herx reactions are herx just immune reaction to own body’s cells - destroying neuronal tissue

Cant use cats claw garlic vit c if in 3rd phase autoimmune
-how do you kill organism without using immune system
-frequency technology is helpful here, kill organism without stim immune response
-Tesla tube and rife
-use homeopathy as option, instead of buyiing rife sometimes more effective
-use rife sweeping frequencies
-rife can kill cancer cells

At home solutions for phase 3
-genetic profile
-rife, liver/kidney, genetic pathways, eradicate lyme bacteria, have damaged neuronal pathways, need home based brain therapy - neurofeedback, home exercises, never stop learning constantly keep trying to learn make new pathways, take notes - this is what builds neural pathways and will keep brain alive, this is your key
-detox baths, mag, clay, saunas
-dont fall into victim mentality, cannot allow or identify with that

Bradley Bush
- i-spot lyme test best
-T cell based asssessemnt to identify lyme proteins
-25 or more reactive t cells positive for lyme, higher the number more the acute phase lower number more chronic
-Interferon gamma high from virus and co’s not necessarily lyme
-They test with t cell irritant to see if t cells respond they should if they dont, shows t cells not healthy
-after lyme eradicated, lyme proteins keep stimulating immune channels (need LDI!)
-Spot units go up initially with killing, if get rid of co’s many times all numbers go down
-Sometimes after go after one infection and clear it then lyme comes up
-if positive good way to monitor treatment to see if actually change as opposed to western blot that may stay positive for years

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