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Thursday, April 7, 2016

More Bribery From Vaccine Promoters

This is how they try to get you.

Info-graphic courtesy of
Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations

What are aware people going to do about this?
Bribery is illegal.
Bribery for medicine injected containing known neurotoxins, (brain poisoners), like Mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum?
Let's take a guess if that qualifies as a crime, too.
Quit selling your bodies for a discount sheeple.

About Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations

Podcast focused on educating about vaccinations and healthy, safe and natural alternatives.

Did you know that vaccinations can cause SIDS, seizures, paralysis, autism, eczema, food allergies and more? Most people don't know this despite that this information is listed on the inserts that come with vaccinations.

There are great ways to boost the immunity using methods with no side effects or contraindications. Having a great diet, getting exercise, reducing stress and sleeping well are a great start.
This page is focused on helping people get healthy while understanding the risks and dangers of vaccinations.

Info-graphic courtesy of
Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations

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