Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, April 8, 2016

DAY 5: The multiple layers to healing Lyme disease!

Another day of wonderful talks....

DAY 5: The multiple layers to healing Lyme disease!

Scott Forsgren
Recovering from the Many Layers of Lyme
Unveiling the library of knowledge
Key factors missed with Lyme disease
What to stay on after recovery

Michael Ancanfora
Michael Acanfora, DC
Lyme Disease and Trigeminal Neuralgia Connection
Unimaginable conventional treatments
Most effective natural treatment
Top 4 nutritional supplement strategies
Laura Ricci
Laura Ricci, PT, DPT, WHNC
Pelvic Floor Pain and Its Relation to Lyme Disease
Learn which infections cause interstitial cystitis
Squatty Potty: Friend or Foe?
Powerful at-home recommendations
Trevor Cates
Trevor Cates, ND
The Magic Mirror of the Skin
4 foods to consume improve Your health and skin
The root cause of skin problems: “Skin-flammation”
5 foods to avoid to improve your health and skin

Scott Forsgren (excellent Job, thank you Scott!)
-energetic testing revealed Lyme, food allergies, most important tool
-then started working with Dr Klinghardt and learned from his events - turning point was learning his method of testing ART
-best practitioners are those who have experienced it or someone in their familly - have personal connection
-2005 launched, 3 months after launch got Lyme diagnosis, empower people to find information, use technology to connect with people, share healing journey, increase health consciousness

Some mentors:
-Dr K biggest mentour, Dr Cowden, Amy Derksen, Gorgon Medical - Wayne Anderson, Neil Nathan, Ann Corson, Christine Gedrick (spelling?),
-mold illness - Raj Patel, Ritche Shoemaker,
-Susan McCamish beyond balance, Claire Riendeaux
-finding right treatment for right person and right time

Energetic testing helped
-Underlying issues - emotions, toxicity, infections + do simultaneous - each unresolved psycho-emotional trauma there are stored toxins and pathogens
-order - emotions, toxins, bugs
-deeply believe that ‘deserve to be well’
-tacasumi supreme, chlorella, zeolite (sito detox), homeopathic drainage, coffee enemas, movement, FIR sauna, rebounding, biomat
-genetic predisposition for poor detoxification
-more than just heavy metal - pesticides, chemicals
-microbial burden - used antibiotics, very few herbals available back when was sick
-biopure, beyond balance, nutramedix,
-ozone, MAH, rectal, nasal, sauna - big fan
-minimize exposures to EMF - use sleep canopy, faraday cage, no cordless phones
-structure still to address - atlas adjustment, egoscu (sp?) system of exercises, good chiro care
-KPU - foundation for recovery, pee out zinc B’s, need supplement, 80% ppl with lyme have it

It's like having army with no bullets
-getting out of moldy home
-cavitations and dental issues - Perry Fields Tick Slayer - her chapter on caviations eye opening
-acupuncture worked better after got ‘cleaned up over yrs’
-when adjust atlas - helps to reduce NMDA which helps reduce inflammation in brain
-benefited from ozone, EO and detoxification, herbs great
-HLA-DR and mycometrics ERMI critical - air filtration,
-parasites Simon Yu MD started to use anti-parasitic rx for soldiers in military coming back, did better with
-EMF and mold - emf makes worse
-turn off fuses to bedroom at night, no wireless, sleep canopy
-dental - root canal, cavitations, fillings, bite/occlusion

Biggest mistake - when people feel better they stop therapy - not good need to keep self maintained
Now takes
-antimicrobial herbs, methylation, detoxification
Food to avoid
-cow dairy, nightshades, gluten, processed food, caffeine, lower sugar
Alkat test for food stress - customize diet based on energetic testing

Nutrient dense smoothie - flax collagen chia seed vanilla organic almond milk, food is medicine, look at alkaline forming foods
-RESTORE - from dr Zac Bush, mineral extract liquid helps with tight junction
EPD - enzyme potentiated desensitization LDA low dose antigen therapy help lower reactions to mold

-Dr Ty use LDI to help immunity modulate to certain microbe/toxin
Our symptoms mostly immune response to toxins from microbes
-he does for foods and inhalants - mold exposures things like that
-now mix for lyme and co’s
-can get flare, if get immuity to not overeact then can calm inflammation
-goal not to get rid of all bugs but to get immunity to work and be able to live with some

2014 - mold and mycotoxins townsend letter
-another article on bartonella did, more challenging co in lyme - both articles on website
Lymelight- 25 and under adults give treatment grants
-lyme is a messenger process of going through it is life-changing

Michale Acanfora DC
Connection to TMJ
-trigeminal nerve 5th cranial nerve responsible for sensation and motor function - biting and chewing
-3 branch, one above eye below and runs through jaw
-60% lyme patients have
-really severe pain to the point of suicidal depression
-drill hole in head to release pressure - archaic
-balloon compression in head to release nerve pressure in-patient hospital procedure
-he readjusts cranials and spine to help with nerve pain
-adjusted one lady over 8 yrs wonderful results, then got pregnant when couldnt before
-adjusting neck/spine fixed prob
-fish oil
-ashwaghangda oil helped dramatically
1 glass wine/night

Dr Laura Ricci
-Pelvic floor pain and relation to lyme
-Had severe pelvic pain issues and surgeries, desmoid tumor, adult hip dysplasia, 3 surgeries related to that
-gluten dairy sugar free -constipation went away, grains legumes out - more improvement
-may 2015 diagnosed with Lyme
-over 12 surgeries - 4 for cancer, 3 hip, ruptured appendix, migraine
-2004 - meningitis vaccine and mold exposure when started
-got meningitis vaccine moved in dorm that smelled moldy thats when got really sick
-interstitial cystitis often symptom of Bartonella/borrelia
-research with mice having cystitis and Lyme infection

Need find pelvic floor PT
Pelvic floor therapist
-proper toilet techniques, muskuloskeletal issues
Treat with antiinflam diet
-elimination diet
-believe in biohacking trying dif things
-she tested for SIBO doing low fodmaps diet and specific carb diet
-kaegels important
-learn how to relax pelvic floor - use squatty potty to poop (or a stool)
-relax pelvic muscles once an hr

PT go in vaginal or rectally and see how muscles feel, many times tight and spasmed
-weakness in pelvic floor make prostate atrophy
-change diet - migraines went from 5 x a wk to 5x a month, after marcons treatment then only one a month
-stool test from doctors data
-MarCONS check
-EBV check
-SIBO did 3 hr breath test through common wealth laboratories
-test blood sugar after meals, eating clean
-check adrenal fatigue 4 pt saliva test
-H Pylori
-genetic testing 23andme
-thyroid vit D optimize
-50-75% plate vegetables, add things in rather than take away
-big on tumeric

Coffee enemas big on pain/detox for her
-dr kourazian "why isnt my brain working" - book use coffee enemas, helps stimulate vagus nerve, coffee enemas can help with that, partly work on healing brain
-coffee enemas, aloe vera, baking soda sea salt, apple cidar vinegar enemas
-epson salt baths- can aggravate pelvic pain issues be careful with. 6 cup epsom salts 1 cup baking soda then just soak
-IR sauna, lipo glut
-LDN can help with nervous system inflammation
-EO support during journey only drink from glass/stainless steel, put drops on skin - her email
-self-care and allowing self to rest when you are healing
-learn to say NO to dif people,
You can rest, but don't give up

Dr Trevor Cates, ND
Spa doctors essentials - skin care line 
-Cold tar used to treat eczema/psoriasis, poison
Skin products toxic
Internal inflammation show up on skin =skinflammation
Nutritional deficiencies, pH balance, hormones, toxicity=create internal inflammation
1.Gut Health
-absorption issues, leaky gut
-food sensitivity test - try fix leaky gut then test
-US biotech fingerprick test best one - less expensive, very reliable, Cyrex
-sugar acidic, proinflammatory avoid it
-increase androgen activity + leads to acne breakouts, glycation end products lead to accelerated aging
Does not recommend agave syrup - like HFCS natural, likes stevia best
Sugar = skin probs
Dairy = skin issues lactose increases glucose. Skim milk biggest contributor of acne
All dairy, ghee more tolerated
Gluten - psoriasis eczema
Corn - big issues
Eggs -acne
Best foods for skin health
Avocados, wild salmon (not farmed) has astaxanthin can protect skin from sun damage, bone broth (collagen, full of nutrients that help skin, need for hair, nails and health, help heal gut), and antioxidant rich foods colorful fruits/veges (limit fruit, do more dark leafy greens, cruciferous veges like cauliflower, kale broccoli to help detoxify)
-lower bad cholesterol raise good
-eat probiotic rich foods to heal gut, eating cruciferious veges for hormone metabolism, DIM, address nutritional deficiencies, multi or individual nutrients
-need bit of aciditty in skincare products helps microbiome
-her products are non-toxic no parabens/phthalates database for skincare

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