Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Saturday, April 9, 2016

DAY 6: The role of energy in healing Lyme disease!

How does something you can't see, like energy, play a role in healing the body from Lyme disease?!

Looking forward to the energy medicine talks...

DAY 6:  The role of energy in healing Lyme disease!

Joseph Mercola, DO
Improving Mitochondrial Health
How excess iron causes health issues
Dr. Mercola’s favorite book last year
Most powerful tool to improve mitochondria
Trina Hammack, FDN-P, CBT, CHC
Energy Medicine and Its Role in Overcoming Lyme and Cancer
Biofeedback device
Ozone sauna usage
Understanding adrenal health

Shiroko Sokitch, MD
A Chinese Medicine Approach to Lyme Disease
Using the pulse as a diagnostic tool
Favorite herbs for Lyme disease
Why Lyme disease is classified as a Gu syndrome
Fran Sussman
A Unique Approach to Addressing Lyme Disease
How liposomal can battle biofilms
6 tips if you have limited finances
Problems with MTHFR genetic testing
Dean Martens, CH
Energy Medicine
Importance of putting your mind to rest
3 different types of medicine
Living supplements vs. pharmaceutical medicine


-doesn't like abx for Lyme, damage microbiome
-treat underlying emotional trauma with EFT
-use fat as prime fuel, sugar and carbs damage mitochondria, protein not efficient
-too much iron is a problem in system
-high levels of iron in cells no good, damaging creates free radicals
-check ferritin - should be between 40-60 if higher can cause free radical damage - solution is to give blood
-being in ketosis - profound benefit for mito health and the brain
-excessive protein activates mTOR pathways which long term suppresses mitochondria
-protein should be 1g/kg of lean body mass, 4 oz portion fish/steak 19g protein,
-high fat, mod protein, low carb
-want to restrict non-fiber carbs to 50g
-ketones are HDAC inhibitors (histone d-acetylase inhibitors)
-not big fan of Metformin - use berberine instead
-not lyme specialist bigger on optimizing diet
-intermittent fasting to produce ketones
-make body convert fat to fuel, not protein for fuel because will raise blood sugar
-12-18 hrs when not eating, skip breakfast, 3 hrs no food before bed
-take blood sugar watch it fall then when starts to rise (in ketosis) start eating before that
-get bear contour for $7 on amazon, strips are 25 cents
-there are breath meters measure breath acetone
-if taking a statin drug, your body can't make ketones!
-he likes to keep his blood glucose in the 50’s
-peak fasting newest thing
He has 5 meals a day
When his blood sugar start to rise he will eat
He has a 6th meal - snack
-avocados are best has 3 a day, coconut oil, butter, pecans/macadamia best then pecan, nuts, eggs, doesnt eat lots of animal protein eats more fish and fish eggs (great to rebuild mito membranes) rho or caviar
-o3 dominance can displace mito from membrane, 06 destroys it alpha linolenic, downside of too many seeds
-eat fats, if eat o6 from seeds and not burn body will burn it, need to take with mono-unsat or sat fat MCT or avocado/butter - take 03 and eat fish with MCT oil
-06 (with nuts/seeds)pushes out cardiolipin and destroys mitochondria he believes, not fish oils
-take anchovie sardine from Alaska - can max 03 by taking MCT with fish
-his book coming out - why we get sick on how to fix-it - mitochondria perspective of disease

Trina Hammack - energy med
Conquered lyme n ovarian cancer natural
-SCIO frequency device scans body then gives back opposite frequency, can do at a distance like a cell-phone
-her friend homeopath squished up lyme bugs then made homeopathic out of them then gave to her and she swelled up and detoxed from brain -
Blue belly lizard neutralize lyme - Richard took its blood and made homeopathic and gave to her became even stronger results
-neutralize different bugs and frequencies
-hope for cancer - Dr Tony
-5 yrs later had ovarian cancer, didn't do chemo
-had severe heavy metal poisoning, liver flukes, infected root canal, 8 fillings in mouth 2 under crown
-would eat tuna etc
-uses micro-current to help reset nerves and trauma in brain from concussions
-priority is to test and get HPA axis back on line strengthen and then treat microbes
-loves ozone steam sauna- kicked out lyme out of GI system - see lots of black/brown over towel usually half hr session. Dont do everyday make sure can handle 1-2x/wk
-uses also FIR every morning
-don't give up, keep looking deeper, more than just tick bite

Dr Shiroko Sokitch
-MD, surgeon, ER doc, then Chinese med - treats Lyme and health detective
-saw grandma die at 5 changed life bc wanted to make her heart start again
-Gu syndrome - whole body affected all systems low energy, deepest infection and issue in kidney make you fatigued
-if are Lyme patient fall into Gu what do?
-body can't heal if immune system not working
-feels pulse and organ system on each wrist
-if thick yellow coat on tongue heat, white coat - cold
-byron white formulas uses
-mycoplasma can also deplete energy
-antibiotics only appropriate if have physical heat in body or cooling herbs - like Coptis
-babesia affect more nervous system, bartonella joint pain
-treat co-infections first before treating Lyme
-a-bab and a-bart Dr Davidson's fave formulas
-she uses a-bart, bab and a-all, he also has detox formulas then are pretty good
-uses concoctions of herbs
-don't look at being at war with body
-look at as hero's journey, keep going and don't give up
-Lyme affect mind things look different then may when well, never give up attitude, need to overcome your own mind or have healer who does it for you
-surround self with people who will give you love and support you
-be loving toward yourself
-she is super passionate about getting you well, will do all that she can
-there is an important spiritual peace on your path that is connected to healing yourself
-get nervous, immune, hormones in balance then treat bugs so body has best opportunity to heal, she like byron white nosodes
-not a fan of using bombs to kill bugs in body

Fran Sussman
Heal from lyme and breast cancer, healing the brain/gut etc
-learned from Dr Klinghardt
-kinesiology testing
-heard about biofilm in lyme and candida - Dr Klinghardt talked about as well
-in 2009 she trained with Dr K
-biofilms like fat, makes liposomal products herself with antimicrobials that help to destroy biofilm and bugs
-also does yoga, tore muscle then when would heal would re-tear
-many levels and layers to healing spiritual/emotional etc
-look at inflammation, insulin resistance, mito health and nutrition
-teeth investigation and underlying infections
-gluten corn soy peanut free
-non starchy carbs replace with starchy
-eliminate garlic and onions - for those with methylation issues
-identifying food sensitivities huge part of practice, eat only healthy animals and fats
-yoga, rebounding, walking, sun salutations
-sun, grounding
-sleep health essential, complete darkness, pharma GABA
-turn off fuses and WiFi at night
-water, electrolytes, rebounding

Dean Martens CH
Clinical herbalist with Michael Moor
-use energetic liquid extracts - herbal lqiuid extracts from Edgar Cayce
Severe rheumatoid arthritis, crippled him
-was into ‘success’ with lots of money but disease took him out of it as it was political and depressing
-studied barbara brennan relative to nature
-did water fast 26 days
-went to MD said had incurable disease so first thing he did was chose not to study what they did
26 day water fast and all high raw food totally cured him of all ailments
-look on youtube he has talk - ‘taking responsibility’, Matt Kahn and ‘breath’
-utilizing breath and prana to heal - breatharians, jaz mihiin, acai, camila
-Joe Dispenza audiobook - You are the Placebo
-mind and left brain is in chaos and trauma
-daydreaming most important thing, no longer going to intelligence
-mediation, diet fruit nut seed, vegetables, sprouts, lentils
-natural laws - exercise, sun, sleep, allow mind to rest
See the black whole by nasim heramin
-big fan Dr Emoto and water -
-anything less than a loving thought is toxic!
-the energy of the botanical med goes in and finds energy of pathogen and gets rid of it
-#1 medicine is truth - eat fully live/raw
-#2 law of life - sun earth
-John Ellis water distiller machines
For Lyme
-uses blood and lymph formula
-blend - energy assist to rebuild body
-immune booster - formula
-female/male hormone balance
-vector health formula for bug bites
-systemic health blend - for superbugs, takes care of MRSA as well
-salt for neuro system - youtube his name and ‘water and salt’ produced Himalayan salt because sea salt is polluted, had to be a mine that didn't use dynamite bc destroy crystal, could only find one mine
-need water, chemistry and energy - salt and marine phytoplankton
-use large amounts C
-use beam ray of rife machine need 3 hrs for it to make it work
-grounding/earthing sheets
-PK protocol

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