Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another Holistic Doctor (MD) Murdered At His Clinic, 2 Doctors in 2 Days

Published on 18 Jun 2016
Yet another holistic doctor is murdered in his office by a man who stormed in and stabbed him to death. yesterday another holistic doctor was killed when a man ran into HIS office and shot him with a gun, then turning it on himself in a murder suicide. See details here:


We have gone way past from suspicious suicides of normally non-suicidal people, to all these bizarre accidents, from mysterious sudden deaths of healthy people to now just violent murder with a deadly weapon.

Okay... Who benefits?  Big freaking pHARMa, that's who! The pHARMaceutical industry has a LONGGGGG history of being cutthroat, so it should come as no surprise, in a culture where PROFIT is God, that some would resolve to "eliminating" the competition.

Our prayers are with all the holistic doctors and their families.  This is an all out war for our health.

Here is the recap on all the murdered holistic doctors...

Dr. Tiejun Huang Ph.D./MD R.Ac RMT DTCM

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