Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Fibro Fix Summit DAY 1 (June 20, after 10am US eastern): Expert Talks

DAY 1 (June 20, after 10am US eastern)

The Fibro Fix Summit started today! Don’t miss 30+ amazing expert talks discussing the misdiagnosis and improper treatment of fibromyalgia.

Learn what fibromyalgia really is, and what it’s not. The latest evidence regarding what may be causing the pain, fatigue and other symptoms of fibromyalgia will be discussed, along with cutting-edge comprehensive clinical approaches.

Get the facts and learn about recovery today!

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My links & commentary here, as I listen and finish each video. Transcripts are provided. To watch and listen to actual videos, the registration link is available.  Remember it is free to watch the whole thing online.

Expert Talk: Integrative Medicine Approaches in Fibromyalgia
by Ronald Hoffman, MD
Video Transcript:

Expert Talk: Trauma-Stress-Abuse and Connections to Fibromyalgia
by Niki Gratrix, BA, DipION, mBANT, CNHC
Video Transcript:


My Commentary on Expert Talk:  Integrative Medicine Approaches in Fibromyalgia by Ronald Hoffman, MD

So far, for me, there was nothing too 'new' or impressive to mention, more like conventional approaches to killing microbes and treating the brain/sleep dysfunction with drugs.
P.3 a pill won't corect it, Doctors wake up!!!!!!!

Most of what was said, I already knew. But I'm sure, I'll learn something new. :)

"The data in the literature shows that more often than not, it's an incorrect diagnosis. And there's actually other stuff going on that may be creating their very real symptoms and problems."

Ya think?

Central Pain Processing Disorder:
Dr. Brady: Right.  And I think there was a recent study showing that of people--and this is assuming they were correctly diagnosed with classic fibromyalgia, that they really have the central pain process disorder in a aberrant way of processing the sensory stimulation at the level of the central nervous system--that even when they're correctly diagnosed, that those who get put on these agents really respond only about 25% to 30% of the time do they get what's consider a significant benefit.

Autonomic nervous system stuck in fight or flight as in sympathetic mode.
That can be due to these Underlying Contributing Factors (a couple of these were mentioned vaguely in the video, but my OCD and mind wants to go into GREAT detail. (Gotta give all the goods, you know?).  Leave no stone un-turned!  Moving on....

1. Meningeal compression caused by meningeal adhesions, atlas dislocation, pressure on the brain stem by the atlas, adhesions (fibrosis) aka spinal stenosis (xrays of both look the same), vagus nerve compression, compression of occipital nerves, etc...  Usually always present in Fibro Fog, brain dysfunction.  While he mentioned central nervous system and sympathetic; he never said what actually caused it. Which is mostly STRUCTURAL! But there are other causes.  When the autonomic nervous system fires off rouge garbage impulses and signals, the organs can malfunction, like the cortisol issues, thyroid, etc.. The C-1/Atlas pressing on the meninges and brain stem, sending one into the fight or flight mode (sympathetic), as described by Dr. Paul Whitcomb, DC. The thyroid gland is located in the throat area, and the vertebrae related to that is the C-7. The fight or flight is stress and raises the cortisol. All because of compression and structural problems.
See:  The Atlas and the autonomic nervous system

For Meninges And Autonomic Nervous System See:  Fibromyalgia and Meningeal Compression, Dr Paul Whitcomb & Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) for meningeal adhesions & release. And Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR) and/or ABC's Endonasal Cranial Correction (ECC) to address the locked skull.
Note: The Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) adjusts (A to P) Anterior to Posterior, and does meningeal releases.  The Atlas/C-1 is never adjusted by an ABC provider. According to their providers and teaching, Atlas misalignments are considered a compensation, and that when the spine is unwound, it's supposed to self-correct.  Personally, I have no problem using other methods to put the C-1/Atlas back in.

Atlas Subluxation Complex | Upper Cervical (C-1):
Atlas Profilax, Atlas Evolution, Alantotec, Atlas Orthogonal
In late 2006, I was desperate, and decided to go for AtlasProfilax. What I was blessed to discover, is that Atlas Subluxation (C-1 Misalignment) was a huge contributor to my pain and symptoms. The thing about it was mine was in place for only a little while.  I think due to the actual meninges and adhesions, and locked skull (Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR)) and, low dental height/missing teeth is why it only stays in for a little while.
Which brings us to this...
Malocclusion of teeth and misalignment of the Atlas. Like the Starecta information.  HAVE to have those teeth, and the dental height.  So have to get that dental split and/or night guard to stabilize my head. THIS is one of the main reasons the elderly break down. They pull all their teeth, get dentures, and then their vertebrae in the spine are stuck forward (ABC).

2. Hardened fibrin deposits, particularly around the shoulder blade area, illiac crest and throughout the fascia and muscles. (Addressed indirectly (offensive) with Fibro-Ease herbal and addressed directly with Serrapeptase (defensive).
Note: My serrapeptase capsules are emptied into GELATIN CAPS, because of cellulose contamination of all veggie caps. The Arthur Andrew Medical has a strong version, but the serrapeptase has to be emptied out into the gelatin caps.  THIS is important now!

3. Heavy metals from dental fillings, chemtrails, vaccines and some foods. (Hopefully will be mentioned in a later episode, by someone else)

4. Nano-tech from the chemtrails, vaccines, GMOs, glcosphates, processed food. (Diet itself was mentioned, but hopefully the other stuff will be touched on in more detail in subsequent episodes)
I'm pretty sure that the nano-tech will never be mentioned by any of these speakers. Maybe one of the speakers will mention the chemtrails, GMO's and vaccines. Fibro is listed as an adverse reaction in many of the package inserts, but is termed as "myalgia".

5. Viruses and other microbes. (Will probably be talked about in subsequent episodes.), Doctor Brice Vickery mentions in his research.

6. Hormones--low thyroid, T4 to T3 conversion problems (subclinical/under-converter), adrneal fatigue and exhaustion, Elevated Cortisol, Reverse T3 (RT3).  For excess cortisol, Elijah Free recommends his herbal called Cortisol-Ease.
The progesterone in pregnancy is important.  Relaxin (Vitalaxin) is the chill out hormone in pregnancy.  See: Royal Rife site.

Boron is an intelligent mineral (Tony Pantalleresco). It helps with hormones. Have Mule Team borax?  Then a pinch of that. Where do you think boron comes from?

Dr. Lowe, DC (chiropractor) was an avid promoter of the the T3 and many patients were helped with it. Last I heard, he had passed away.  May he rest in peace.

CBD is good for relaxation, but one must address the actual cause/s, which are some of the things mentioned above. But will help with sleep while one is detoxing, healing and fixing their structure.

Diet: A no-brainer.  Avoid eating shit.  You do know what real food is right? No boxed shit, no McDeath, No Denny's, no fast food place, No grains, no mainstream dairy, No sugar, etc... Nuff said.

Cytokine pattern.  Like the vaccines causing a cytokine strom as Dr.Ted Broer describes in his Youtube video about the "nagalase" and GcMAF.

Magnesium: glycinate and malinate. Refilling the Kreb's cycle.
Magnesium Theonate crosses blood brain barrior to get into the nervous system. (Still have to fix the structural cause)  He mentioned Kreb's cycle. Although he mentioned it under diet, this post talks about it and depression & subluxation...

Mitachrondrial disorders: ALA/Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps to rebuild new mitrochrondia.
Get in bulk: Bulk Supplements and use ONLY gelatin caps. Ron mentions measuring carnitine levels, so good.  :)  And even PPQ.

Sympathatic overdrive deficient (CALM): Yes, we have it. (remember the structural and stress cause too). We also use two different spray on Magnesium.

Propriety blends:  He nailed it!  Like the Doctor Vickery Platinum Plus amino acids, for example.
It used to be good, but now contaminated with all that cellulose crap. But the list of amino acids and amounts, plus the alternative, I have listed on my other post here:  I Am Disappoint.
Note: Doctor Vickery's research and info is still valid, but the product is now compromised. I think he originally had a loose powered version, which is what I'm going to be making now from now on.


It was mentioned, and I used to take the older version from Biotic Research. But no more, here's why, check out the older version and now the newer versions of their DHEA.

DHEA: By Biotics Research. This must be the older version. The 2 mg label:
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) 2 mg
SOD (Superoxide Dismutase (from vegetable culture)
Catalase (from vegetable culture)
Other ingredients: Gelatin, water and glycerin.

However, the newer label of the 10 mg is very telling because of the supplement industry hijacking...
DHEA by Biotic Research: 10 mg
Ingredient is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
Other Ingredients:  Cellulose, calcium carbonate and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

Uh Oh!  There was no cellulose in the earlier version.  And since it's in tablet form, there is no emptying out into a gelatin capsule, because it's embedded into the actual mix.

I have tossed ALOT of the Standard Process and Biotics Research stuff into the trash. Some of them are still clean.

Have to get DHEA?  Well guess what? We're in luck!
BulkSupplements Pure DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) Powder (10 grams) from BulkSupplements

Guess what?
Other Ingredients: None
NONE!  Only the DHEA Powder!
Now THAT's what I'm talking about!
And the gelatin capsules. NO cellulose!

Bulksupplements Empty 0 Capsules Gelatin Capsules

BEWARE of most supplements now!

Especially the celluose, but there are other un needed ingredients as well. Supplements and such...

Herein lies another problem with cellulose...

Nano tech utilizes the cellulose and turns it into a building block internally and over time you're breaking down at an accelerated rate (coming UNGLUED). It starts with colon then reproductive then brain and then respiratory. Nanotech binding to the cellulose in the vege you will have to do your own filtering out. Thus my emptying out any supplement from a veggie cap into a gelatin cap. That is if the celluose is listed at part of being the capsule. Sometimes it's in the actual mix and/or tablet.  Then those will be avoided and tossed into the trash, if on hand.  I threw away MANY supplements because of this.

Microcrystalline Cellulose is a DNA disrupter.

This is the end game. The AI running things here wants total assimilation and this nano shit that is integrating with us is the means to essentially interface direct with a human--the mark of the beast is assembling in us the finale to the uplink will be some kind of verichip direct interface with the nano build up this is why I am feverishly on this to get it down and get it out. (Paraphrased from Tony Pantalleresco)


My Commentary on Expert Talk: Trauma-Stress-Abuse and Connections to Fibromyalgia by Niki Gratrix

Childhood trauma, stress and abuse.


Kicked in the face by a horse at around age 4 or 5. Neglect because I wasn't watched, because one parent wanted to go visit a neighbor next door and left me home by myself.  No wonder the structural problems!

Childhood vaccinations (chemical stress) Smallpox, DTP, and Oral polio:  

* Oral Polio vaccine: Some folks with fibro are actually suffering from post polio syndrome (adverse reaction) and call it fibro. Severe cases are crippling effects, unable to walk, severe scliosis, etc...
* Smallpox vaccine:  I remember clearly being chronically fatigued after that at around age 6.  I remember after that, never feeling the same, and getting the (taskmaster abuse) from father accusing me of laziness, when in fact, I just had low energy as the adverse reaction from that smallpox vaccine. So suffered emotional abuse, and emotional neglect. Accused of something that was TOTALLY THEIR FAULT.  Was always stressed due to authoritarian father which the doctor mentioned.  That "taskmaster syndrome".  Felt scared, stressed and unsafe most of the time.  And it never worked on me either.  So yes, parents can and do screw their children up.
* DTP Vaccine:  Had to wear glasses, because of bad eyesight due to that DTP vaccine. Damaged nerves. Crossed eyes, facial asymmetries caused by possible mini-strokes.
See:  Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry  (An earlier post of mine)
This can cause structural problems too.  Brain swelling, pressure on brain stem, chronic inflammation from it which causes MENINGEAL ADHESIONS, etc...

Metabolic Problems, achiness, etc..
How about all that mercury poisoning from the root canals, and dental amalgams forced into my mouth for more than likely IMAGINARY cavities, from that demtal SOB who molestated my mouth, teeth and structure, and ruined my health.

All of the above mentioned will STRESS the body.  Chronic stress in childhood. Yep.

Seratonin.  Could use more sunlight, and also stare at the rising and setting sun too. Talked about that stress and cortisol issue again.  Cortisol-Ease to the rescue.

How to deal?:
Fill questionaire and get the score.

Imprinted from the womb.  Mother was stressed?  I have no idea.

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. From all the stuff, yes.

Important he said... We HAVE to hit it from multiple fronts.

Fix the structure. Real important to calm down the autonomic nervous system
Fix the biochemistry, fix the gut. See commentary above from the first video.
Fix the hormones (thyroid, T3, Cortisol, Adrenal, Seratonin/Melatonin, etc...
Make new neuropathways in the brain
Detoxification if heavy metals, nano-tech, etc...
Detoxification of viruses, microbials, etc...
Fix the diet
Vitamins, minerals,amino acids, etc... (See my version of the Platinum Plus Amino Acids: I Am Dissapoint)
Clean the blood naturally: Rebuild (chlorophyll), excess fibrin/fibrosis (protealytic enzymes; serrapeptase, protease, nattokinase, brommlain, etc...). Fibro-Ease to address the laying down of hardened fibrin.
Mucin deposits - Use (NAC).  I wonder if the mucin deposits are the same type of stuff like fibrosis, hardened fibrin, etc...?
Fix the clumped water in our system (protocol by Dr. William Mount) Immuassit and Citricare from his Cure For Arthritis video. And the corresponding post:
Get the real restful sleep. CBD as mentioned above, magnesium therapy, melatonin, fix other hormones, release the meninges, etc..
Forgiveness is important.
Bodywork:  ROLFing, loosening up the fascia, to improve blood flow to get to through the tissues. Massage therapy in general.  Trigger point therapy to release a muscle spasm, and address muscle imbalances, etc...
Find help in releasing the trauma.

Please subscribe to this important blog about structural (particularly C-1/Atlas).
It makes my blog here look like kindergarten information.

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