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The Fibro Fix Summit DAY 1 (June 20, after 10am US eastern)

DAY 1 (June 20, after 10am US eastern)

The Fibro Fix Summit started today!  (Day 1's talks ARE  still online, so when registering, they are still view-able.  There WILL be a marathon Day 8 Replay.

Don’t miss 30+ amazing expert talks discussing the misdiagnosis and improper treatment of fibromyalgia.

Learn what fibromyalgia really is, and what it’s not. The latest evidence regarding what may be causing the pain, fatigue and other symptoms of fibromyalgia will be discussed, along with cutting-edge comprehensive clinical approaches.

Get the facts and learn about recovery today!

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These are the actual Day 1 Talks:

Earlier Day 1 posts were just Expert Talks, which were registration gifts. The daily email of the schedule wasn't sent for the first day, only the gifts were.

So enjoy.


Michael J. Schneider, PhD, DC
Fibromyalgia: Diagnosis Is Half the Cure
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Joe Tatta, DPT, CCN
When It’s Fibromyalgia...and When It’s NOT!
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Mark Hyman, MD
Functional Medicine Matrix Applied to Fibromyalgia
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Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Fibromyalgia: Clinical Experience Over the Decades
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Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS
Clinician’s Perspective on Fibromyalgia
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Have to say that Josh Axe is my favorite so far. He pretty much nailed it regarding the structural cause of fibro. And Dr. Axe's mention of the PRP stem cells for ligament laxity was excellent. I was hoping that someone would touch on that.

I was also glad he touched on the grains/gluten and Paleo diets.  He mentioned amino acids, and I immediately thought of Dr. Brice E. Vickery's work and research on the protein deficiency part of fibro. He determined that a specific formula of essential amino acids would allow the spine and disks to rebuild. A long time ago, his formula was great. But now, him or someone else in charge of the formula formulation allowed the formula to become contaminated with all these "Other Ingredients", that were never in the earlier version of the formula. These unneeded ingredients weakened the formula, especially the cellulose. There's another whole story behind that one. But his research is very valid. I make the formula from his earlier recipe, still on the Wayback Machine, and put into gelatin caps. I'm so glad Dr. Josh Axe talked about amino acids and nutrition.

Paul Whitcomb, DC, would have been a GREAT guest, as he gets deep into the structural causes of fibromyalgia by meningeal compression (caused by meningeal adhesions aka spinal stenosis) and Atlas/C-1 misalignment, also pressing on the brain stem and meninges, thus causing the autonomic nervous system to go sympathetic and firing off rouge garbage signals. Paul Whitcomb, DC is the founder of the Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT).

Dr. Axe mentioned forward head posture and structural correction, so I wonder if he also does Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). ABC protocol is specific, as it, too, concentrates on freeing up the meninges, by doing meningeal releases, and they only adjust PBPs (primary bio-mechanical pathogies), the stuck forward vertebrae that cannot self correct on their own. And they adjust A to P (anterior to posterior) only.

3 weeks ago, I had 2 anterior meningeal releases and 2 lateral meningeal releases, and although I was sore, that night my autonomic nervous was para-sympathic. I can easily feel the switch-over. Over time, the Advanced Biostructural Correction will start the spine to unwind. The meningeal releases are mostly responsible. Jesse Jutkowitz, DC is the founder of Advanced Biostructural Correction.

AtlasProfilax is great, and the autonomic switch-over happens pretty immediately with that too.

Sometimes the head pain is a locked skull. Dr. Dean Howell's Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR), will unlock the skull and allow for the CSF to flow. Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) has their own cranial adjustments, except it's called Endo-Nasal Cranial Correction (ECC). An added benefit to NCR and ABC's ECC, is that symmetry is brought back to the face. The women especially love that.

Even with all this work, if one has low dental height and/or missing back bottom teeth, the skull will sink, as there is less space between upper and lower jaw. The Starecta guys has a solution for that, which is a specialized dental split called a Rectifier. Even with all the corrections and releases, if the skull sinks, there's going to be compression, and the meninges and other cranial nerves are affected.

Dr. Brendan Stack, DDS of TMJStack has his own dental split protocol too, and has videos on YouTube of some severely sympathetic patients going to seizures, trembling, and uncontrollable Tourette's. Within minutes of putting a dental splint in and giving some height between the upper and lower jaw, the episodes would stop. Sometimes an ALF appliance was used.

All of these modalities are some pretty cutting edge stuff. And people with fibro are suffering from these physical and structural problems, that these modalities can correct.

Something else, that has never been touched on, is the hardened fibrin that fibromyalgia sufferers get. This is that hard gristle-like stuff around the shoulder blades, sacral illiac area, and around the illiac crest. Elijah Free, an old school herbalist, says it's rare nutritional imbalances that allows hardened exudated fibrinous tissue to develop in the layers of healthy fascia. According to the herbalist, Elijah Free, there is an essential nutrient in the rarified potassium spectrum that is missing in the system. When this occurs, there is a domino or nutritional cascade effect causing an incorrect chemical signal to be released in the body. This causes fibrin, which is normally in a semi-solvent state to form into a non-solvent state, becoming hard and dense. The herbal that Elijah developed specifically for that is called Fibro-Ease. It works by indirect action (offense). Whereas proteolytic enzymes, specifically Serrapeptase, has a direct (defensive) action on the hardened fibrin/fibrosis. Proteolytic enzymes are great, but it's a challenge to find a formula without all the extra added junk "other ingredients", specifically cellulose. If it's only part of a veggie cap, then the product is easily empties into geletin capsules.

Thank you Dr. Josh Axe, for touching on the structural cause of fibromyalgia.


So far, my favorite was Dr. Josh Axe.  When they are all listened to and read along with, I will post some commentary.

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