Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The New Motto Is...

The new motto is: If it isn't broke, fix it until it is.  Which means let us fuck it up for you and make it totally unusable and stress you out in the process.

New and improved means... "we messed it up royally".  Beware of new and improved anything, ESPECIALLY in the supplement industry. It's bad enough Big pHARMa is poisoning us, but many supplement companies with their added fillers, cheap ingredients, toxic manufacturing, etc...

I am in a fight with a loved one because they refuse to listen and read the proof.  So yes, I am beyond pissed, and I'm also tired of these overpriced MLM companies and their cheap and toxic products. Now some are good products, and I use them. And there are some that have a real good product, then they'll add a new product to their line that is shit.

This is an all out war on our health.  Remember less is more.

Buy in bulk stock  and make it yourself.

Boycott and Avoid anything with:

* Maltodextrin (usually corn, and corn is 99.99% GMO

* Cellulose (also nano cellulose) Used at building blocks in morgellons conditions, biofilm, etc.. Nano tech utilizes the cellulose and turns it into a building block internally and over time you're breaking down at an accelerated rate.

* hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

* microcrystalline cellulose (Microcrystalline Cellulose is a DNA disrupter)

* silicon dioxide

* titanium dioxide

* Nano ANYTHING, but especially metals (use real colloidal minerals)

* fructose

* Anything isolated (isolate), autolyzed, etc...

* Soy is GMO and even bugs, locusts avoid it.

* Canola oil (GMO and industrial oil, causes systemic inflammation).

* Avoid any kind of alge products.

* flavorings aka natural and artifical flavors and flavorings.  Because they never specify exactly WHAT that flavor is.

* B-12 cyanocobalamin (synthetic and made with cyanide). Made some of my hair fall out some years ago. We used a product and it contained the wrong B-12, so we tossed it, and simply switched the brand and replaced it to the same exact type of product with Methylcobalamin B-12. The proper B-12 is METHYLCOBALAMIN!  See my other post HERE about that.

* Rice flour, rice bran (while rice isn't the worse, it's often used as a filler.  Supplements should NEVER have fillers.  Also, alot of this rice is GMO and comes from China. Always that cheap shit from China.

There are more, I'm sure, but the above list are the main ones to look out for.

Buy in bulk the key ingredients to anything and MAKE YOUR OWN!  This is an all out war on our health.

This is a short list, but of the main things at least to watch out for.  A lot of my links are already disappearing.  That's because of companies being bought out by these so called "Board Members", which are really Big pHARMa interests.

Some of my links on here and elsewhere are slowly disappearing as I'm going through companies and products with a fine toothed comb.  One of the companies that we are affiliates of have good products and bad products, so if unsure, leave a comment and ask.

I'm sticking with the bulks and herbals.  So far, I'm still finding the Youngevity Tangy Tangerine is still okay.  It's a basic powdered bulk vitamin and mineral product.

Another liquid vitamin and mineral product (IntraMax by Drucker Labs) was also perfect and then the last year or so, they added the cyanocobalamin B-12. It still contains the Methylcobalamin B-12, but now it has both.  So that means they fucked it up.

Remember "new and improved" really means "we fucked it up", and to more than likely save money with cheap ass shortcuts.

OLD SCHOOL is still the best. This is a basic Chemistry 101 lesson,so to speak.

Examples of bulk I like:

* Monosodium phosphate crystals (ala Gerard Judd to rebuild the teeth)
* Sulfur crystals (sourced from the Cellular Matrix Study)
* Bulk Vitamin C ascorbic acids, add baking soda to it and make fresh sodium ascorbate (als Gerard Judd)
* Bulk Amino Acids in powder form, and put into gelatin caps.  So far, I bought the NAC is bulk.
* Liquid Chlorophyll (and especially because it saved my daughter's cat's life)
* I like the spray on magnesium
* Usage of essential oils
* Make your own colloidal silver and copper)
* Make your own mouth rinse - Making a mouth Rinse Using ethanol ( vodka –rum-gin—etc) clear based –and adding 10 drops of Peppermint-Thyme-Cinnamon-Clove—and equal parts of water to the alcohol and eithr blend or shake vigourously will make this—you can use any one of the essential oils or a combination if making combination then utilize them where if you are adding 10 drops then for 2 essential oils add 5 of each—3 essential oils 3 of each and 4 essential oils 2 of each and if you make it so you have 10 oz then 5 oz of alcohol and 5 of water and then go up higher on the essential oils this will give you added potency. (from... )
* Using Miracle II soap and add either Thieves essential oil, or peppermint/spearming drops on toothbrush to brush teeth with.  It's been over 10 years since I used any kind of toothpaste, including the fluoride-free ones, SLS-free ones, etc.. They all use glycerin which coats the teeth and trap acids in, according to Gerard Judd, author of Good Teeth: Birth To Death.
* John Sanders' Pesticide Cleanse (is a good clean bulk product)
* The LL's Magnetic Clay Baths are still good for soaking, since it's volcanic clay and is magnetised. Magnetic as in magnet disabling of nano-tech, nannites, etc...

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