Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tony Pantalleresco The Dangers Of Nano Particles To Your Health!

We are becoming seriously unglued, and I mean in the physical sense.  And we are being deceived.

As a result of these contaminants-one must think that you have several things ongoing here-nanoprogramming-nano poisoning- saturation of cells-and a stripping away of the bodies resources--so all of these have to be dealt with --shutting down the program is priority-eliminating the left over -and minimizing the up take of metals or "other polymers" that are small enough to saturate the cells and destroy through oxidation the life of the ATP and mitochondria.

No wonder I have a HUGE bug up my ass and became so anal about companies. It's because of their tampering around with stuff in order to "make it better". We already have it in the processed food, vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, glycophates, and the "added" and extra UNNEEDED ingredients, EVEN in supplements  (See earlier posts). And people wonder why I'm so cynical about things because of my severe lack of trust in companies, people, etc... ALWAYS man and the ego thinking that God can be outdone. What Does the Bible Say About Trusting Man? When I say "man", I mean humanity as a whole (men and women) as opposed to gender, btw.

Here is a page full of scriptures talking about trusting man.

I'll be taking notes on everything later and add below the video.


Creatine in coffee
Iodine (Lugols, Nascent, Atomodine, etc...)  He has recommended in other videos to use a 5% Lugols solution.  Both need selenium and L-Tyrosine for the T4 production and conversion to T3.

I do disagree with some things that he says.

Regarding ingredients besides nano and cellulose, etc... here's a list of hidden MSG.

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