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Candida Summit

Friday, August 26, 2016

Getting to Know Breezy August 2016

So the other day, this fine boy showed up on our porch, and Miracle was going nuts running back and forth. We thought he was a girl at first, due to the fact he was already neutered, and not seeing his deflated nugget sack. So we thought we had a girl kitty.

We gave him some food and water, and was contemplating on fixing him up a box outside to sleep in.

Then we remembered that big eagle outside nesting, so when my hubby brought him in, our male cat Miracle was really upset.  To the point of attacking us. Viciously.

So I grabbed him quickly and ran upstairs with him and put him in the computer room with me.  fter petting and holding him for a few, I thought that he was pregnant, and could feel the little knots on both sides of his belly. So that's another reason, I thought he was a she. The belly is usually early stage of pregnancy.

It also dawned on me that some stupid idiot dropped him off for some unknown reason. We initially thought some idiot dropped off a pregnant female, who never wanted to deal with kittens.  Had Breezy been a she, we still would have found good homes for kittens.

Thankfully, we discovered that this baby was a he, so no kittens to worry about. Spay and neuter still works, you know.  What an idiot ass wipe to drop off a perfectly good cat in the wild to fend for himself. Idiots!  May you reincarnate back into this world as toilet paper!

We did make an effort to ask the new neighbors if he belonged to them.  They have their own cats, so he was never claimed by anyone close by.  Still keeping an eye on Craigslist, but more than likely, he was just tossed away by stupid assholes.

He is very sweet and lovable and a very dedicated lap cat.  Miracle has never been a lap cat, but he is totally opposite.  He is alot smaller than Miracle, but can out eat him like it's nobody's business.

Since Miracle was so upset, we are keeping them both separate for a while, but introduce slowly by putting him in a huge dog carrier for a few moments, where they can see each other, but he is unable to attack or bother him.  He was acting normal during that, as he let us pet him as he acted normal.

Had no plans to get another cat, but he showed up and there was no way, I was going to leave a "pregnant" homeless cat outside to fend for "herself" and future babies with a huge eagle nesting close by. Hell no!  And no way was I going to take him to an animal shelter either. I was like, "Girlie, you're coming in to safety!"  And so, here he is!  We discovered that "she" was a he around a month or so later.

Hello Sweet Boy!  Welcome!

So what to call him?

I really liked the name Onyx (Thank you Sherry Sims Knott & Kristen Pierce!), but my husband wasn't warming up to it, so we decided on a name that is related to his arrival. Our cat Miracle's name is also related to his arrival in the world too, btw.

So I was thinking since the kitty just showed up, so I could call him something related to that.
Words related to show up
"breeze in"
as in appear
as in arrive
I could call him Breezy or Breezie. But we decided on the spelling Breezy, (thank you to my daughter), which makes a lot of sense. So when I called him Breezy, and asked him if he liked the name, he meowed the sweetest meow that sounded alot like Kristen's Charcoal when she asked Charcoal if she had her appetite back.

So Breezy it is!  Meet Breezy!

And here's a nice video of Miracle.  He just turned 10 years last month. And still playful as ever...

Prayers are needed for them to acclimate and accept each other and become good friends. It will take time, but my prayers are for a smooth transition.  Giving thanks for both of these wonderful furfriends.

Edit:  Post was edited due to the fact we discovered that Breezy is a boy.


Juicing and Raw Foods Sunboy said...

buggles to breezy

MessiahMews said...

She's so buggleable! <3

MessiahMews said...

Ummmmm.... HE is so buggleable! We discovered that Breezy is a neutered boy. <3