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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Miracle (Shaved Puss Boy)

Videos of the kittehs!

First.... Miracle.

Published on 2 Sep 2016

Awwwww.... poor baby. Poor boy's fur was all matted up, so we had to get him groomed and shaved. No happy camper with him today.

As the day went on Miracle was in better spirits.  His fur was so severely matting up, and he's a touch-me-not cat.  Won't let us bathe him, trim his claws, etc...  So we had to take him in to have him groomed. Yeah, he was pissed, but he was sedated in order to have it done. The lady said he certainly has an attitude.  Well, that's why we paid them to do it, because he won't let us.

Published on 3 Sep 2016

Miracle Is More Interactive After Grooming Yesterday. Still being a lazy boy, but he is getting back to his usual self.

That camera's mic is so sensitive, that you can hear every little thing.  Like this, for example...

And also it could be Miracle's loud purring too!

Well, at least he's clean and no more matted fur. Hopefully, when it grows back out, it will no longer knot up in a huge matted mess.  I have long hair and my hair tries to dreadlock up on me, so I have the same kind of problem.

Okay, now, some more vids of Breezy.  She's more of a hands on cat, so we'll be able to do clean and brush her ourselves.

Damn loud ass fan blowing.

Published on 2 Sep 2016

Chillaxin'! She is soooo sweet! :)

Oh, this cat can definitely eat, like it's nobody's business!  Loves her Nom noms!!

Are you filming?
Nah, just pretending I am. :p

Published on 2 Sep 2016

Nomfest! She loves her noms! Nom Nom Nom!!

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