Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ultimate LIVE Symposium Begins Today...

The event begins TODAY.  Can't wait because we enjoyed the original 9 part documentary series last year. Used a contest link, instead of an affiliate link to win the DVDs, and we did.

More than 40 experts make history during a 3-day symposium you cannot miss! The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium.

Watch it LIVE. Watch it FREE.

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Commentary & Thoughts:

Here are some thoughts and concerns...

When we first joined the live streaming page, there was this aggravating javascript overlay that kept bugging us to sign up for something, and we were trying to watch the presentation. People please STOP THIS RUDE THING!

Please consider just sending those offers to our email instead, so we can watch the presentations uninterrupted.

I was able to temporarily disable it via an extension, but javascript popups are just plain rude.

Please stop this rudeness of interrupting javascript. People on devices can't even X out of those as easily as computer users.

Thank God for my browser extensions like this one for Chrome...

The speakers themselves are great, but the site needs to get more bandwidth, as their live streams just cut out constantly.  If it's not interruption from rude javascripts, it's interruptions like cutting out.

And I have a bug up my butt about the owners recommending products, that have "Other Ingredients" in them as if they are the best one out there,  They aren't.  I can't wait for the speaker to come on about the supplement industry.

The people in the live chat also know about the "Other Ingredients" and were discussing what they were taking and/or doing as in buying in bulk like we do and make their own. The over zealous moderators were banning people because of their discussions. How about stopping a moment and LISTEN to what the public is saying?  CONTROL is NOT apart of HEALING or apart of GOD’s will.  What a freaking shame!!! How sad is that?! This tells us that there is some dishonesty within this movement as well as money involved  God forbid people want discuss supplements that isn't theirs.

This is a label on one product recommended and it contains my favorite thing to pick on... Cellulose!

Right click the image and open in a new tab to see it full sized.

These events are supposed to be about helping people and get them educated.  People want and need education and help, instead of some supplement company trying to make money off of extra supplement sales and feeding on peoples' misery and sickness. Yes, the online presentations are great and I LOVE them!  It's fine to sell the DVDs and files of the recordings, so one can go back later to watch.  We have the original 9 part series of the original talks and ENJOY them, but please for the love of God, make it about the people who need help instead of just catering to these supplement companies that put unnecessary ingredients to undermine our health.  Seriously, I'd rather just by DVDs and/or send a donation instead. And people wonder why the public has trust issues?  Please be selfless in these endeavors.

Other than these 3 aggravating things, please keep up the good work otherwise. People are learning some good things.  Let's keep it about the people and not about money.

NOW!  With all that said, my favorite speaker today.

Cherie Calbom aka The Juice Lady.  I was most impressed with everything she said. She also went to Bastyr University (YAY!).  Here are a couple of screen shots of the slides. She told about the tumor that came out that she eliminated. Sounded sort of like a "cancer fuzzy" in her description.

This was by far, the most useful talk, so far. We're still trying to listen to the others, in spite of the interruptions and such.  She also mentioned vaccines as well, so you know that scored points with me.

And my next favorite is Andrew Wakefield about vaccines. Andy discussed Vaxxed, the CDC's plan to force EVERYONE at gunpoint, autism, young 16 year old girls going into menopause after Gardasil, and CPS taking away children due to non-vaccination, and more.

Thank you Andy Wakefield!

Mike Adams had a fantastic presentation. He was doing chemistry expressed through sound.  The good things like magnesium, progesterone, minerals, etc... sounded beautiful.  Then he did things like lead, fluoride, chlorine, glycosphates, etc... and they sounded worse than the most crappiest dub step music.

I hope he has a CD of the good sounds for sale. Progesterone and CBD look and sound the same.
He is planning on uploading the files of these in a few days, according to this article...

You'll be able to hear and see all this on Natural News in just a few days

To allow you to experience this for yourself, over the next few days, I'll be posting a new video and the downloadable audio files so you can download these nutritional harmonics (as MP3) and listen to them anywhere, at anytime.

Just join my email newsletter (see below) to subscribe and be alerted to these videos and audio files as they get posted.

You've never experienced anything like this before in your entire life. Those who already experienced this told me it was one of the most astonishing, life changing demonstrations of nutrition they've ever witnessed.

Math as Medicine and Sound Health was developed by pioneer Sharry Edwards over the past 25 years and it is now emerging onto the world stage - the body communicates in low frequency sound through the vagus nerve and every cell - the voice communicates the sounds of the body --- See for her ground-breaking work on this research - Sharry Edwards has been helping people from all around the world learn how to use sound to decode health issues and help the body heal itself using the amazing power of frequency. It's so great to see this work being spread further with music. The complicated geometric structures of elements and substances can be translated to frequency. Presenting them as audible music is a great way to help open the world to this work.

Sherri Tenpenny also spoke about vaccines, SB277, forced vaccination, rouge viruses and more.

Sayer Ji was great too. He's also been on the Health Talks Online Summits.


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