Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Toxic Home Transformation Summit

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What a day… !

Day one… in the books and done!.

There’s still time to participate!

I’ve got to tell you… yesterday's speakers were pretty awesome in spite of problems.

Day one is in the books but there’s so much more happening! Despite all the website problems, broadband, ego-tripping chat moderators, and javascripts, we're still managing to see the speakers. We're ignoring the chat drama. There will be a recorded replay every night at 9 PM EST, which for us will be 6 PM PST.

There’s still plenty of time and knowledge to be shared too, you can still register right here and set up live streaming (completely free!) and watch the rest of the event.

Or now you can just go straight to the LIVE STREAM without registering

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There are more great incentives (NON affiliate) to share these with friends and family when you join us live  - make sure to spread the word! Together we’re going to change lives! Sign up here for the rest of the event!

Of course affiliates are welcome too.

Commentary & Thoughts:

So far, we've watched this one...
Diffusing the Cancer Time Bomb with the 7 Essentials System ~ Dr. Veronique Desaulniers.

Essential # 1 – Let Food Be Your Medicine.  Find out which foods lead to inflammation and dis-ease while others turn on protective, anti-cancer genes.
Essential # 2 – Reduce Your Toxic Exposure.  There are clear environmental links to Breast Cancer but there are specific steps that you can take to reduce your toxic exposure.
Essential # 3 – Balance your Energy. Specific healing arts and therapeutic tools  can help bring the body to balance, ultimately strengthening the Immune System and balancing your hormones.
Essential # 4 – Heal Your Emotional Wounds. In order to truly heal your body, you must heal your emotional wounds. Do you have the “Cancer Personality”?
Essential # 5 – Embrace Biological Dentistry.  Metals in your teeth have the potential to increase estrogen signaling in the breast tissue. Toxicities from root canals have been associated with most cancers.
Essential # 6 – Repair your Body with Therapeutic Plants. The US National Library of Medicine has a data base of specific plant compounds that kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Others boost the Immune System and support the body’s ability to heal.
Essential # 7 – Adopt Very Early Detection. Would you be interested in technology and blood work that could potentially discover cancer on a small cellular level before it had a chance to develop into a large tumor?

Did you know that breastfeeding is a cancer preventative?  Is is any wonder why it is discouraged and formula feeding is being pushed?

And looking for this one. in the Breakout 3: Royal Raymond Rife Room.

Had no idea that Jack LaLane was a chiropractor.  So that was something new I learned today. Everything else, I already knew.

We're going to end up buying the DVD Recordings, so that these can be watched at our own pace.

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