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Candida Summit

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

HEALING TESTIMONIAL - Valerie Blanchett Update (Starecta/Occlusion) Aug ...

Valice InWonderland
September 29 at 1:21pm
This isn't the easiest share bc any glance as what once was comes with a lot of pain and traumatic memories for me, however, this is too important not to share.
This facial underdevelopment in my maxilla which causes an incorrect position of my lower jaw was undiagnosed my whole life... Why? My teeth still came together beautifully. My bite always "looks good" to every dentist and orthodontist. And it makes sense that it would! The current model does not recognize my type of malocclusion which extends BEYOND the teeth to the position of the jaw and cranial bones. Your teeth can come together "ok" but be coming together in the complete wrong place in reference to your skull due to underdeveloped maxilla, canted maxilla, insufficient height of teeth and more.
The jaw and teeth affect the position of all the cranial bones which directly impact neurology, cerebral spinal fluid flow, gllymphatic fluid flow, lymphatic fluid flow, blood flow, and every. single. vertebrae. Thus, your entire structure.
These photos can't prove the connections I am making above but patient cases like my own and many many others can. What these photos can and DO prove is that even in adults, this can be helped and non-surgically in many, if not most (all?) cases. All the improvements to my development that I have achieved for the last year and a half has come from Starecta (self-treating method), myofunctional exercises (thanks YouTube), using the Myomunchie (little bite device I used at home), CATS adjustments (trained chiro) and LOTS of patience and studying. I did this ALL FROM HOME people (minus the chiro adjustments of course).
You CAN heal yourself, you CAN achieve what people and books tell you is impossible. You can, you can, you can.

Okay, I  HAVE to get me one of those MyoMunchies appliances! It will be sort of like a DIY NCR, since I can no longer afford to go right now.

Here's what a DNA dental/cranial appliance can do. Besides making one look better, they can also function at a higher level of health. Our modern diets, medical system, dysfunctional dentistry and orthodontics have ruined people.


At least we have these things available to fix us and undo the damage of idiots.

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