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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Daily Messenger: The Jezebel Spirit and Hillary...

The Daily Messenger: The Jezebel Spirit and Hillary...: The truth is, terrorism is a CIA illuminati fabrication and a total lie .A simple youtube search for - US Currency and false flag events confirmed .. will show you plenty of evidence, that all these false flag events like 911 are printed on your money in striking detail YEARS BEFORE the events happened, and printed right in front of your face (and they laugh at how blind and dumb they've made you)....


Another hero worth mentioning is William Thompson, CDC whistleblower who revealed the lies of the CDC and the autism cover-up and revealed the MMR vaccine fraud. And because of that, we now have the revealing documentary called Vaxxed.

Regarding the money, here are some interesting pictures..

There are a lot more of these in Google Images.

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