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Monday, January 16, 2017

Homeless Mother of 3 In California Needs Help

Please help! So im homeless, living in a motel and I've been frantically searching for a homeless shelter but am being turned because my3 kids are not vaccinated! Ive spent my entire savings and have to be out by the 20 th of January. The excuse I keep getting is they are government funded or licensed day care providers. Im very upset, angry, and hopeless. ~ Sarah Drews

Sarah Drews is homeless with three unvaccinated children and can't find a place to stay - a shelter - because they are not vaccinated. She has asked for help in this group with possible options on where to stay. You can search her name to find her original post. She also has a crowd funding page setup to help. I just donated $100. I hope you'll consider helping her financially or with good ideas on where to stay. She is in Orange County, CA. Also, I saw some rude comments on her post. I am booting people who direct hostile energy at her or her situation, FYI. ~Larry Cook


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