Candida Summit

Candida Summit

Monday, January 16, 2017

Vaccines Revealed: Episode 6 & Tonight is Episode 7

HAPPENING NOW! Scott Miller's documentary "Vaccine Syndrome" about the military vaccination program and anthrax and also part 2 of Dr. Brian Hooker's interview! This is episode 6 of a FREE 9-part docu-series on vaccines and their destructive role in our health and well being. Each episode is available to watch for 24 hours. And, the entire series can be purchased!

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They're destroying our military through vaccines. Especially the Anthrax vaccine.  VAERS is NOT an option for military personal destroyed by vaccines!


The documentary, VACCINE SYNDROME, is playing right now on Vaccines Revealed, a 9-part docu-series. You can sign up and then watch each episode for 24 hours for free, starting at 6pm PST.


The entire 9-part series can also be purchased!

From the Anthrax vaccine! They are destroying our children and our military! Your blood will boil if you watch this documentary!  SIGN UP HERE

Vaccination: the best way to destroy a country from within. ~ Larry Cook

Episode 7:

Live tonight Stay tuned...


Can I make the choice as to what happens to my body or my child’s body?


Can I be compelled to have to put things into my body against my will, or do it unwittingly because it’s not labeled?

Ultimately this is about personal space - this is about Human Rights. This is about some of the most fundamental issues that affect human beings To compel vaccinations against one’s will is against individual rights and your health freedom.

“I believe in individual rights.”

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

I began looking into autism and vaccines and any kind of a link that there might be. I used a lot of statistical and research tools that I used when I was getting my Ph.D., and applied it to the area of epidemiological studies.

I looked and realized that every time they got vaccinated they did get worse...

“I began looking into vaccine safety when I realized that my two daughters were injured by vaccines”

Gayle Delong Ph.D.

I’m afraid that too many doctors have become “glorified drug reps”

If you asked your doctor, “name 3 ingredients in that syringe”, most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you. I feel it’s our responsibility as doctors to stand up for patients and stop stuffing them full of drugs.

Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

This is a must see night.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo

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