Chronic Lyme Disease Summit 3

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Affiliate Programs and Benefits

As been mentioned before, joining affiliate programs has several benefits.

For instance, this particular company Health Guardian, LLC, gives a discount on their products, just by being an affiliate for them.

And also we like to use any commissions to buy the product/s we like so much, and in this case a cardio product with L-Arginine/L-Citruline and B-12 METHYLCOBALAMIN.

Here is what we saved by ordering the supplement we would have ordered anyway.

The monies made usually goes back into purchase of the products.

BTW, on a couple of the current summit series, the affiliates get them free.  Like all the videos, transcripts, audios, and download to your computer privileges.

And some of the others, you get a discount if you buy from your own link, like the HTO ones, and some of the other InfusionSoft based summits.

So yeah, being an affiliate has its advantages besides the obvious commissions that are made.


CardioForLife - Arginine

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