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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Little girl tries to delay getting shots via JukinVideo

Fucking idiot parents....

Please pray for our children.  Deep down on a subconscious level, they KNOW...

Just to show you how some adults are complete mind controlled idiots. There is NOTHING funny about this and these idiot adults should all be ashamed of themselves.  Laughing at a terrified little girl. You know, kids are smart, they KNOW they are being poisoned on a subconscious level.

One of my sisters used to toss out her polio sugar cube when no one was looking.  You see?  Kids know.

And at one part the girl says can't she get one first, and they ask her what are you trying to kill her?... Ummm isn't that what they are doing to her! Ugh!  Fucking idiots! There's a whole shitload of adults that God needs to smite, or bitchslap real good.

I'd LOVE to bitch slap all the adults in the room.  The total lack respect makes me sick too.

And you wonder why children grow up to hate their parents?

Commentary from The Liberty Beacon:


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