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Candida Summit

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Get vaccinated contest????

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Get vaccinated contest????

That's what is happening at Meigs Local School. They have entered a competition with the southern and eastern school districts to see who can get the most kids vaccinated. There is a prize involved and “bragging rights”.

It leaves us wondering, is there informed consent involved when coercion and persuasion are involved? Do these districts understand that vaccinations are biological products with known risk, including death? Are they providing information on exemptions per ORC 3313.671 that allows for vaccination exemption for reason of conscience, including religious, and medical?

Folks, now is not the time to sit on your hands regarding your rights. If you don't speak up and start engaging your community in an honest balanced conversation, you will soon find your rights slipping away.

It's time we start calling out our districts that are engaging in unacceptable behavior.

Please take some time this week to call this district and let them know your personal story and what lead you to be vaccine risk aware. Because they don't know, until they know.

Meigs Local School District
Phone: 740-992-2153

***the photo has been edited to add emphasis to the contest information.


There's No Need To Fear!  Ohio Exemption Forms Are Here!!

[PDF] Ohio Immunization Exemption Form

[PDF] State of Ohio Legal Immunization Exemption Per Ohio Statute ...
* The form is generic, so any school can accept it.

Ohio Immunization Exemption Form | Symmes Chiropractic Center
The State of Ohio allows parents/guardians to exempt their child from "mandatory" vaccinations for philosophical or religious convictions. This form will enable the parent to clearly state to the school or institution the revised Ohio code legally allowing a child not to be vaccinated. Note, privatized institutions may not except this form, due to the fact they have the ability to create their own internal regulations.

School Exemptions - Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom
School Exemption Form (K-12)
Medical exemptions are typically completed by a physician and submitted to the school district. However, this form used by one of our member physicians, covers both religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccination and does not include any other unnecessary details. Here are the PDF and jpg versions:
ohio vaccination waiver_exemption (PDF)

ParentsAgainstMandatoryVaccines - Vaccination Exemption Form - Ohio

ParentsAgainstMandatoryVaccines - Vaccination Exemption Form - Ohio
OH Exemption Form.doc

Neola Forms Immunization Exemptions - Ohio

[PDF] Immunization Exemption Form - Neola


[PDF] Departments Health Services Immunization Exemption form


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