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Monday, April 17, 2017

Sweet Freedom Summit Day 8: Encore Day!

It’s Encore Day at The Sweet Freedom Summit! Missed some of the life-changing expert talks this past week? They’re all unlocked for free today! And, with 80% of grocery store foods containing refined sugar, it’s important for all of us to learn more about this disease!

Don’t miss Encore Day at The Sweet Freedom Summit!

[LAST CHANCE] These amazing health experts will be unavailable soon!

Take a moment for your health--with these health talks!

The Sweet Freedom Summit began on April 10th, and tens of thousands learned from the expert wisdom so important to ending the depression, fatigue, illness and obesity caused by sugar addiction.

Were you there?

What you could learn from these experts:
  • How “non-food addiction” can lead to a serious and painful death
  • Impacts of poorly processed foods on your emotional state
  • Educating your family to be supportive and healthy
  • Why diets rarely work long term (and the strategy that does!)
  • Creating nourishment in your heart, mind and spirit!
  • And, so much more...
If you’re just hearing about it, there’s still time to gain access to all of the expert talks!

1. Register immediately to see the rest of the free talks (including Encore Day!):

2. [SALES ENDS TUESDAY!*] Purchase all of the expert talks and help us reach more people struggling to live healthy lives (thank you for supporting the mission!):

*The online access package for all of the expert talks is $79 now through Wednesday morning at 10 A.M. U.S. eastern. After that, it increases to $99.

It’s true, sugar addiction is not something that goes away, like alcoholism. The body becomes addicted, requiring a strategy to recover. Your support of this event, in sharing or buying the talks, will not only help the host, but will help me continue to reach those who are in dire need of my message and expertise. Thank you!

Click here to learn more about owning this expert advice and supporting the mission.

Thank you!

P.S. This is the LAST CHANCE to own these incredible experts at the sales price. Your purchase also helps us continue our work (in part, to tell you about these health events!). Please take a moment to consider owning these talks today:


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