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Candida Summit

Wednesday, June 21, 2017




Q: What is Morgellons?

A:  There is no simple answer. Morgellons Disease is an all-inclusive term for several conditions numbering in the hundreds.  Most Morgellons suffers also have Lyme Disease and its accompanying infections such as Borrelia burgdorferi and babesia (a malaria-like parasite). Morgellons Sufferers also develop Candida, Epstein-Barr Virus, Cytomegalo virus, etc. and secondary infections (MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc.) probably due to a weakened immune system. It is thought that mites and other parasites are attracted to yeast and fungus growing in and on the bodies of Morgellons sufferers. It is believed to originate from marine-based microorganisms.  Steve’s Protocol addresses all these issues (and more).

Q: What are the symptoms of Morgellons?

A: It’s some or all of the following (adapted from Oklahoma State University):
· Intense itching
· Crawling sensations under the skin
· Crawling sensations on the skin, especially scalp and legs and mostly at night.
· Spontaneously–appearing, slow-healing lesions
· Seed-like objects/ granules and black specks on/in skin
· Fuzz balls” on/in intact skin
· Fine, thread like colored fibers beneath and/or extruding from the skin
· Life altering fatigue
· Neurological impairment
· Visual and hearing changes
· Brain fog and diminished higher cognitive abilities
· Hair loss
· GI changes
· Muscle aches and joint pain. Sufferers frequently complain it feels like something is eating away their joints and muscles.
· General malaise; intense, life-impacting pain
· Dental deterioration
· Sleep disturbances
· Psychiatric manifestations can include anxiety, depression, new onset of panic attacks, changes in behavior and personality. Some patients have been diagnosed with PTSD OCD, bipolar disorder and even delusional disorders can result if left untreated.

A Brief History of Steve’s Protocol: 

Steve Beddingfield started this protocol more than 10 years ago when he became infested with parasites and regular doctors couldn’t help him (in fact, the doctors diagnosed him as being, “delusional”).  Out of desperation he took things into his own hands and started using supplies he found at the feed store.  It seemed like a risky thing to do but he felt like he was dying and he decided he had nothing to lose. Through trial and error he found that Fenbendazole  (Fenben for short) worked the best. Of all the products Fenben is also the safest and the easiest on the body. Fenben got rid of the parasites that were eating him alive.   Steve was cured. Since then he has been re-infested three times but each time he knew what to do and he recovered from the infestation faster each time. He started telling people about Fenben and has helped more people than he can count . The simple truth is that sufferers get well using his protocol. It is no less safe than what a doctor would prescribe (if you could get a doctor to prescribe it, which is almost impossible).    Steve’s Images Facebook page is now more than 3400 strong with over 400 nurses, scientists and people in the healing arts and even some in the medical field.   As a footnote I would like to add that recently I was told by one nurse that she never thought farm meds were something she would take but she was infested with parasites and Fenben cured her.  One doctor whom she knew for more than 20 years told her she was delusional.  She said the doctor knew she was level-headed and not prone to "delusions.”  She said she has lost faith in medical doctors. She is not alone.

Q: How do I treat Morgellons?

A: Steve’s Protocol has three easy steps:
1. Get things moving (bowels).  Do what works for you. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get constipated. Here are some suggestions: Mag07, prune juice, castor oil, etc.  Here’s a link to Mag07:
2. Red Reishi Mushroom (tablets or extract)
3. Fenbendazole  (Fenben for short).

Q: If I can pick one thing to buy what would it be?

A: Take the steps in order.
1. If you’re constipated, you’ll need to take care of that first (see step 1 above).
2. Once you’ve got your bowels moving, buy some Reishi mushroom extract or tablets (see note below). Steve says the best Red Reishi is by Aloha Medicinals : It sells for around $15.00. Start with 1 tablet per day and work up to 2-3 tablets each day. You can also find Aloha Medicinals Red Reishi on eBay.
Another good source of Reishi is Half Hill Farm. Here’s a link to their web site:
Steve Beddingfield Gano Ultra works great. It doesn't have to be red reishi. 4/25/16 

Q: What does Red Reishi do? Why start with Red Reishi?

A: It does a lot but mainly it strengthens immunity and helps with liver function and that’ very important. Click here for more information on Red Reishi:

Q: What’s the next thing I need to buy after the Red Reishi?

A: Fenbendazole  (Fenben for short). There are several Fenben products. Three of them are listed here. Some say it’s best to take it in the morning on an empty stomach with some yogurt , olive oil, smoothie, peanut butter, etc. (Do not use “low fat.” You need the fat to help absorb the Fenben). I take it at night before bed a couple of hours after I’ve eaten with some coconut oil or yogurt (that way, it gets digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Some people break their dose in half taking it twice a day. How much you take depends on you. Listen to your body.

Choose one: 
The best Fenben is Fishben fish dewormer by Thomas Labs. Adults start with ¼ tsp. daily then slowly increase to ½ packet a day and see how you tolerate it. Work your way up to 1 packet per 125 lbs. of body weight per day. After a while, you might feel like you need more or less. Listen to your body. Amazon is one source. This link sells for around $50 for a month’s supply (shop around for the best price):

People also get good results with the Safeguard Fenben liquid for goats. I found it at the local feed store for around $20.00. Start with a small dose and take up to 3 ml. or 1 tsp. per day.

Some people prefer Safeguard equine dewormer. Just like the other Fenben, start with a small dose and work up to three grams or two turns back out on the dial limiter.

You can purchase Fenben on line or at a feed store and there are members of Steve’s Protocol who have bulk 99% pure Fishben powder for sale at a significant discount . If interested please PM Steve or other members for more information.

If you have the cash you can buy 1 kilo of 99% pure Fishben. The cost is $250 but 1 kilo is more than 200 tsp. Because it is so concentrated most people do well with only ½ tsp. per day (per 125 lbs. of body weight).

If you are in the UK you can buy Fenben for cattle. A member in Ireland told us she recently bought 2 ½ liters of 10% for €50.

Here’s another source that ships to the UK and Europe (they charge for shipping so it’s worth shopping around for the best price):

Q: What does Fenben do?

A: It rids your body of parasites. It also kills Morgellons and a bunch of other stuff.   Before we go any further let me clarify that none of us who contributed to this document are doctors and we caution you that this is not medical advice.  We are sharing what we have done to get well out of desperation and as a last resort after modern medicine could not help us.   It has worked for us but it is unconventional (to say the least).  If you have any concerns at all check with your medical professional first (you might as well give it a try).  Once again, if you do this protocol you are taking full responsibility and do so at your own risk.  Ok, enough of the disclaimer, here’s a really good blog about the benefits of Fenben:
· Good scientific principle is to add one new thing at a time to see how your body handles it.
· It’s recommended that you start with one capsule of Red Reishi per day.
· Take the Red Reishi for about a week before starting Fenben.
· A lot of people start with both Red Reishi and Fenben at the same time and that’s fine as long as your body can handle it.  If you have the fenben and are waiting for the red reishi, go ahead and start the fenben then add the red reishi when it arrives.  Just don’t neglect to take the red reishi since it’s so important to aid your immune system in healing.
· If you feel uncomfortable or have a reaction, stop taking the Fenben for a week or so and take just the Red Reishi.
· If you feel uncomfortable with the Red Reishi, break the capsule open and start with a small amount once a day to see how your body handles it.
· Note from Linda: I only take one Red Reishi a day. I take the Red Reishi in the morning and the Fenben in the evening a couple of hours after supper.  This is what works best for me. You need to find what works best for you.
· One more thing worth mentioning: This is a simple protocol. It’s easy to follow and it works but it takes time and patience. I made it harder on myself by taking a bunch of other stuff like diatomaceous earth which absorbed the fenben and trying lots of other crazy stuff.  If you make the commitment to get well by using this protocol, then forget the other stuff. It’s expensive and it doesn’t work.   Keep It Simple!

Q: What’s the dosage for kids? 

A: Steve Beddingfield:  “Reishi for kids under 50 lbs is one capsule each day, increase for each 50lbs in weight, one capsule. 3 caps will make me stick close to the restroom. Fish bendazole is one eighth of a tsp. for a 50 lb child, daily.
Steve Beddingfield It's my belief that children acquire this very early on or while in the womb, many are born with the dark specks and other microbes on their skin, highly visible at birth. If mom is infested, then breast milk is suspect. Breast milk can be checked. Place some in a clear bottle, make a tiny hole in bottle for gas expansion, let it culture, watch the surface, let me be aware of what you see. If baby did receive any transfer of fenben, it would be a good thing, not a bad nor dangerous thing. I give it to birds, bears, chickens, dogs, cats, puppies and tiny kittens, never an issue, only improvements. A sickened, frail and small dog took up her, she was pregnant, I treated her with a dose 10 times higher than the dose in protocol, pups were born healthy but had to be treated at 4 weeks. Mama dog is here still, i'll take her pic in a few, post back shortly. 5/4/16

Q: Is Fenben/Reishi safe for kids?

A: Steve Beddingfield Absolutely safe for kids, they don't even notice it, they respond quickly and positively to fenbendazole and reishi. Safeguard is Fenbendazole, it's 10% fenbendazole, fish bendazole is 100%. Get the fish form of pure powder. My grandson is 6, needs to be treated, he made me check his poop for him.

Q: Will another parasite cleanser work?

A: Possibly; however, they are usually very expensive, many have some pretty bad side effects (such as hair loss) and the evidence shows that Fenben is easier on your body and works better.
· Note from March 20, 2016: Steve Beddingfield, “Ivermectin is a bad drug, many of us have experienced bad reactions to it, Equimax has a tiny bit in it but not enough to do harm, I approve of using Praziquantel as in Equimax, also Pamoate Pyrantel dewormer. Albendazole is ok but not long term internal use. My protocol is best, 10 years with many sufferers using the protocol proves this to be true.”

Q: Can I take other dewormers or antibiotics with Fenben and Reishi?

A: NO! It could kill you. Steve told me that a woman in the group almost died from taking Ivermetrin (a dewormer). Antibiotics with Fenben can cause Herxing (see below and FAQ’s Part 2 for more info. on Herxing). If you are on antibiotics, finish the course before starting Fenben.  Note: Sovereign Silver (or other silver) is similar to an antibiotic.  This warning includes parasite killers and anti-fungal meds.

Q: How long do I take Fenben and Reishi?

A: Take Fenben every day until you are cured. As you begin to heal you will stop having nasty stuff coming out of your poop. If you have sores they will heal. When you stop having the creepy crawlies (the feeling that bugs are crawling all over your skin) and when the invisible ‘things’ stop biting you. When all the symptoms stop, then you can take a break and give your body a rest. If the symptoms start again, then start the Fenben again.
Be prepared for a long battle. If you start feeling better right away be prepared for setbacks. It’s two steps forward and one step back. It could take months, sometimes as long as a year. It takes a lot of patience and tenacity to get through this.

Q: Will Fenben treat Candidia?

A: Steve Beddingfield That which appears as Candida might just be algae instead, so do the protocol as it's the anti algal treatment that works best.

Q: I am being tortured at night by things that crawl all over me and bite me. How do I get rid of them? 

A: The following suggestions are from both Steve and other members. Try some or all of them but stay ahead of the, ‘things’ by changing  treatment often:

· Liquid fenbendazole diluted 32 -1 (32 parts water + 1 part fenben) can be used as a spray for mites. Safeguard liquid dewormer for goats can be purchased on line or at a feed store for about $20.00.   2 caps full = 1 oz. Pour 2 caps full in a spray bottle, fill with clean filtered water and shake to mix.

· Add hydrocortisone cream to the mix for spraying on skin, plus 4 tablespoons full of toothpaste. I’m going to say (Steve Beddingfield) add in a bit of menthol from deep heat rub, it comes in a tube for muscle pain. Mix up these items in water, spray yourself, best time is after one has taken a shower and is dried off. If too thick, add more water. Let the spray air dry (do not use a towel). Note from Linda: I spray this mixture all over myself and let air dry. I also spray my bed and my bedroom. I spray some on a wash rag and rub it on my cat. At first he likes it then he realizes I’m using a wash rag and he runs away. At least I get some on him and he is showing no signs of distress.  This mixture tends to clog up my sprayer so keep it thin and shake often.

· There are also antiseptics you can use to kill the ‘things’ that crawl on you. I’ve had good luck with Dettol antiseptic. It’s supposed to be diluted but I pour it straight onto a wash rag or on my hands and rub it on my hands, feet, neck, ears and scalp. If it burns too much I’ll get in the shower.

· Dettol liquid soap is also recommended. Get in the shower, get wet, lather your hair and body with the soap, soak for 20 minutes then shower off.

· Selsun Blue shampoo, Head & Shoulders or other medicated shampoo. Wash hair and use as a body wash in the shower.  Let dry, then rinse off in the shower.

· Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil shampoo can be used as both a shampoo and a body wash.

· Soak in the bathtub with 1 cup of borax and 1 cup of sea salt for 20 min. Shower off.

· Soak in a bath with essential oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, etc.

· Soak in the tub with one cup of Epsom salts. I found some at the Dollar Tree with eucalyptus. Walmart sells 6 lb. sacks of Epsom salts for around $5.00.

· Soak in the tub with Kleen Green

· Dollar Tree sells packages of four toothbrushes. These can be used to scrub hair, skin under fingernails and toenails then thrown in the trash.

· Dollar Tree also sells packs of fine-toothed combs. Use once on wet hair and throw away.

· Soak all your combs and brushes in 91% isopropyl alcohol in a covered glass jar.

Q: How do I treat open sores?

A: Do not touch the sores with your bare hands! Try the following:
· Mix some toothpaste with a little bit of Fenben. Use a Popsicle stick or a piece of toilet paper to apply to lesions.
· Treat skin areas with fenben and hydrocortisone cream.
· Treat sores with fenben paste or fenben powder mixed with liquid fenben using a popsicle stick to apply.
· Steve Beddingfield Lesions and how to stop them is my current focus, I'll keep you informed on how I believe to treat them. I've found that layering on toothpaste, then covering with plastic wrap, saran wrap, leaving in on, will melt the contents, this is difficult to do with certain areas, hard to wrap one's head, but Ive seen sufferers do it and kill the lesions. 5/5/16
· Steve Beddingfield Once internal load is diminished, skin lesions diminish, do keep in mind that any "algae blood" from an open lesion can quickly spread the lesions. Wet stuff from lesions can be transferred to other areas of your skin, new lesions will begin. Try keeping 70% rubbing alcohol close by for keeping finger tips clean of spores, also wipe area around your lesions with alcohol on a paper towel. Debris in lesions needs to be removed while showering, even then the sticky mess can cling to skin while water splashes, rewash with soap after clearing lesions with tweezers. Keep tweezers in shower, wet lesions are easier to clean out. Once out of shower and dry, apply toothpaste mixed with fenben. 4/22/16
· If you get a burn from the poultice, it’s because the ‘things’ are fighting back. Per Steve, “ Try liquid fenben for goats mixed with baking soda on lesions, once it calms the lesions, try applying the toothpaste, let me know if the burn is too much or if it has decreased. Lesions are an issue that must be overcome soon. Let's do this.”
·  Mix a tube of hydrocortisone cream with approx. 1 tsp. powdered fenben and apply to skin like lotion. You can often buy hydrocortisone cream at the Dollar Tree or other discount stores. I’ve tried both and I don’t see any difference between the $1.00 stuff and the $5.00 stuff.

Q:  How long after I start protocol before I begin to feel like a human being again?

A:  It depends on your body and the severity of your illness.
· Some people feel better right away but be warned, it’s a roller coaster. You’ll feel great then have a setback. Then you’ll feel great again and have another setback. It’s two steps forward and one step back but it is progress.
· Some people slowly start to feel better in only a few weeks (they’re the lucky ones).
· It can up to a year before you are your old self.
· Be patient. Don’t give up. It works but it might take time. (It took me five long, miserable months before I began to feel better but I made it harder on myself by trying other stuff and not keeping it simple.)

Q: How long do I have to be on protocol? 

A: Steve has been on protocol on and off over 10 years. Here’s a comment he made in Steve’s Images on 3/25/16:
Steve Beddingfield … “It takes a long time to heal, for many it can be up to 3-4 years, this is due to our entire body being changed due to the presence of this disease, one that brings each one of us trillions of live spores.

Q: What are the side effects of protocol?

· You can expect to feel pain in your gut. That’s the parasites dying off.
· Then you will see rope worms and other gross things in your poop.
(This is why you need to keep that poop going. You have to get rid of this junk)
· You will also have some smelly poop (keep fragrance spray in the bathroom).
· You might have hot flashes.
· Muscle pain and fatigue are common.
· You might have an unpleasant body odor (part of the dying-off).
· You might develop flu-like symptoms known as “Herxing.” If this happens, lower your dosage until you feel better (see FAQ’s Part 2 for more on Herxing).

Q: How do I make my sinuses stop hurting? 

A: Try putting a small amount of fishben in a nebulizer or nasal spray.
· You can also snort some up your nose (if you’re comfortable with that) but just a tiny amount. Sprinkle some fenben on a plate (Thomas Labs Fishben has the best texture for this).  Use a flat edge blade to draw it in a line.  Snort some in each nostril using a drinkng straw cut in half
· Some people use a neti pot with the Fenben or salt water.  If you use a neti pot use ceramic or glass. Do not use a plastic neti pot. Clean thoroughly after use.
· Steve stresses if you use Fenben  for your nose it must be the Fishben.
· You can also pop the top of a saline nasal spray, sprinkle in some fenben, pop the top back on, shake it well and squirt that up your nose. Have a box of tissues handy. Lots of nasty stuff will come out of your nose.
· Adding a few drops of garlic juice to the neti pot or nasal spray can also help.
· Steve Beddingfield, “Mix dried fresh squeezed garlic juice powder with fish Bendazole, chop out a line, snort it Up into sinuses with a straw. One packet (fishben) with a small amount of garlic powder. Only use. Garlic powder which comes from fresh squeezed juice, place juice on a clean, dark plate or lab glass, allow a wet film of juice to dry up on plate, use a single edge razor blade to scrape up and into a pile, remove a bit from pile, mix with one packet of fish Bendazole.” April 1, 2016
· More on garlic from Steve: Garlic is the best additive, use it freshly squeezed, never heat it for therapeutic use, juice can be dried in a plate, scraped up with a new single edge razor blade, mix small amounts with fish bendazole powder, snort into sinuses. Uglies amass in our ear, nose, throat area of the head.

Q: What can I do about them crawling around in my eyes?

A: Use Visine allergy formula drops in your eyes.

Q: What can I do about them crawling around in my mouth?

A:  Concentrate on your tongue, gums and roof of your mouth when brushing your teeth. Also try any and all of the following:
· Brush your teeth with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. My dad is in his 80’s and has been using baking soda to brush his teeth his whole life. He still has most of his teeth (four were pulled years ago because of a mastoid operation but he has never had rotten teeth or cavities)
· Rinse with Listerine.
· Rinse again with warm salt water (not too warm, use lots of salt).
· Several times during the day try putting a small amount of baking soda on your tongue and let it soak in.
· Rinse your mouth with a small amount of liquid fenben.
· Scrape your tongue with a disposable toothbrush (in US you can buy 4 for $1 at Dollar Tree).  If you decide to reuse the toothbrush soak it in a jar with alcohol.  Tip:  An apothecary jar with a lid looks nice on the shelf and the alcohol won’t evaporate so quickly. Clean often.
· Use a tongue scraper to get all kinds of nasty stuff off your tongue:
· You can also keep a spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom. Spray your toothbrush after you finish brushing your teeth. I bought a small travel sized spray bottle at Walmart and put a pretty label on it using decal printer paper (plain paper and sharpie’s fade quickly Be sure to spray it and rinse again before reuse.

Q: What can I do about them crawling around in my ears?

A: Use Johnson & Johnson Q-tips (other brands fall apart too easily), add some hydrocortisone cream and rub around gently inside your ears (not too far, don’t damage your ear drum). Do not touch the Q-tip end. Throw it in the trash.

Q: How many people have Morgellons?

A: There is compelling evidence that it affects millions of people worldwide.

Q: Is Morgellons contagious?

A: Most likely but don’t let that scare you. Many of the people who study Morgellons say it is in the air, on our food and in the water. People get it from new clothes as well as used clothes. They get it from hotel rooms and from petting animals.  It’s believed by many to come from the Borrelia bacteria which causes Lyme. It could come from mold and mildew in the home, bird mites or rat mites. It might come from shaking hands with someone who has sweaty palms.  In other words, you can get it from just about anywhere.  It’s more prevalent in the big cities but it’s everywhere and it is spreading at alarming rates.

Q: Why do I suffer with Morgellons and no one else in my family shows symptoms?

A: It’s possibly because your immune system might be compromised due to illness, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections or Lyme disease. Your housemates might not have these same issues.

Q: How long has Morgellons been around?

A: The term, “Morgellons” was found in an obscure medical text from the 1700’s and brought back into use in 2002 by a woman whose son was suffering from this disease. She was diagnosed as having, “Delusional Parasitosis,” and was forced to find her own treatment.

Q: Why doesn’t the medical community recognize Morgellons?

A: Good question. The CDC has failed to recognize Morgellons as a real physical disease. In spite of that, there are a few doctors who are starting to realize this is real and are working on figuring out how to treat it (most of those doctors treat Lyme Disease). There is hope but right now the medical community, as a whole, is not on board with treatment.

Q: Is this caused by rope worms?

A: 1/27/16 Steve Beddingfield “Ropes are a manifestation due to an infection by Protomyxzoa.”

Q: What is Protomyxzoa? 

A: Protomyxzoa Rheumatica is a newly-discovered infectious organism that causes chronic disease. There are no formal medical reports written on it and little is known about the disease.

Q: Where do these Protomyxzoa come from?

A: Steve Beddingfield:  “Polar ice is rapidly melting, as it melts microbes found inside ancient ice are allowed to escape, these species are crypto biotic, once back in water they come alive, reproduce, migrate, storms pick them up, rain drops them down to us.” 

Q: I don’t have any lesions or obvious threads but I do have Lyme disease, Babesia or other parasites. Should I be on Steve’s Protocol? 

A: Yes. Steve Beddingfield, “Our disease is your disease, it's the same deal for everyone, this disease presents itself 400 different ways, but the causative agent in all diseases comes here from the ocean.”

Q: How do I access the other documents? 

A: You can scroll down in the Discussion part of Steve’s Protocol Facebook Page to view and download the files.


If you are on a computer: On the left side main page are are  words, "Discussion, Members, Events, Photos, Files." Click on the word, "Files." All of the documents and photos are there. You can download them to your computer to read and print out or see as documents

If you are on an android phone: Scroll to the top of the “Steve’s Images” Facebook page. Underneath the picture on the far right is the word, “Info.” Click on “Info” then scroll down to, “Files.” You can download any and all files.

If you are on an iPad: Click on the top arrow, then it will list options, click on 'save' ...for future reference, or until you can get to a printer.


Resources and Additional Things:

This is the main protocol: Keep it simple.

1. Fenbendazole: (Safeguard, Panacur, same ingredient, different names possibly per country) Equine Paste or Liquid for Goats. 1 ml. per 50 lbs. body weight. Or squeeze into a capsule after eyeing up initial dose if using paste. Dosage is usually once per day. Proceed at your comfort level and convenience. No one can judge your level of infection. Average time to see major improvement is 4 months.Available at: Amazon, Tractor Supply, Agway, Feed Store, WalMart, etc.
Paste is approx. $10, Liquid is approx. $20.
Fenbendazole is a benzimidazole anthelmintic, that has broad spectrum, and a wide safety margin. It binds to 3-tubulin astructural protein that blocks polymerization of tubulin into microtubules, which damages the integrity and the transport function of cells in parasites. The reason behind the wide safety margin is due to its affinity to the parasitic tubules rather than mammals.
The drug is minimally absorbed after it is given orally. It is metabolized to the active compound oxfendazole sulfoxide and sulfone.
Fenbendazole is excreted in the feces and urine. Formula C15H13N3O2S

2. Reishi Capsules or Tincture. Most here are using Half Hill Farms tincture or Aloha Brand Capsules. As per dosage on label. Proceed at your comfort level, less or more.

3. Clean Water. Spring as verified by microscopy to be free of cyanobacteriaor ‘organisms’. Most here are ozonating. Distilled and cold holds ozone best. Food grade peroxide is an option after boiling but it must remain in the water for at least 12 hours to neutralize toxins. Both ozone and food grade peroxide will dissipate leaving you with just pure water free of pathogens. Both use a form of oxygen to clean water. A2Z on Amazon is a popular choice, approx. $70. Clean Food. Washing or ozonating fruits and veggies as per directions on your unit or with food grade peroxide at minimum. Ozonating other foods such as flour, is optional, place dry ingredients in cannister or bag, insert airstone, time depends on your unit, must follow directions as per your unit. All ozonators are different. We can not give more than general instructions for ozonators, you must follow directions for your unit.

4. Optional: For lesions, toothpaste with peroxide and baking soda. Apply to lesion, let dry, do not touch. See Steve for further options on lesions such as zinc or cortisone.

5. For the home: Borax or OxyClean for clothes washing or cleaning. Turn inside out to dry high heat. Pine Sol for cleaning.

That’s it, no real need to add anything further. You must keep the bowels moving. Some suggestions, fruit juice, citric acid, ice cream. Ozonated Magesium, Mag 07 is a popular brand or ozonated Natural Calm as it seems to work very well and gives additional support. How you do that is up to you. Fat increases the ability of Fenbendazole to do it’s job.

If you begin to notice fewer bowel movements, you may want to back off until the bowels move again. You may want to just start with Reishi as it is more gentle.

Dosage is day or night, empty of full stomach for both, whichever is best or most
convenient for you. Proceed only at your comfort level.

Further information about our group and the nature of chronic disease and symbiosis or ‘fungal’ synergy’ with links for further reading. The term ‘fungus’ is used but we believe one of the most pathogenic organisms is cyanobacteria. It is a true misnomer to use the term fungus, we must demand that the dangers of cyanobacteria in our water be recognized. We must acknowledge that some true pathogenic algae has been misidentified as Candida. We use the term fungal or fungus until all of these pathogenic cyanobacteria are identified and for ease of understanding.


Steve's Protocol here:

Steve's Facebook Group (Morgellons Support Protocol):

Steve's Facebook Fan Page (Morgellons Support):

Bio-Terrain Guide: Steve's Images - the Protocol
8.5x5.5 PDF

Extremely Detailed information here:
He said in a comment that Morgellon's and Lyme are one in the same.

Biophotolysis-based Hydrogen Production by Cyanobacteria and Green Microalgae

I'm open to the possibility of it being both nano poisoning and parasitic.

Steve Beddingfield's YouTube channel:

Protocol Products on Amazon:

Aerobic Life Mag O7 Oxygen Digestive System Cleanser Capsules, 90 Count
Aerobic Life

Pure Red Reishi 500 mg by Aloha Medicinals - 90 Capsules
Aloha Medicinals

Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole 250mg Fenbendazole Powder (30 packets)
Thomas Laboratory

Durvet Safeguard Goat Dewormer, 125ml

Safeguard Horse Dewormer - 25 Gm

Protocol Products on eBay:

Thomas Labs Fish Bendazole (Fenbendazole) Powder | eBay

Intervet Safeguard Horse Dewormer Paste | eBay

Durvet Safeguard Goat Dewormer | eBay

Pure Red Reishi 500 mg by Aloha Medicinals | eBay

Aerobic Life Mag O7 Oxygen Digestive System Cleanser Capsules | eBay

Note:  The above Red Reishi and Mag O7 come in veggie & cellulose caps.  Those need to be changed out and re=encapsulated into the gelatin caps. We prefer BulkSupplements brand.
* Be sure to choose GELATIN and get the CLEAR ones.


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